Why Pretend To Be Disabled When Erotic Hypnosis Helps Your Wheelchair Fantasy?

One day he walked to his bed.  The next morning, he couldn’t move his legs, and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his legs.  He’s been in a wheelchair ever since.  And thanks me for it.  This was in 2012, although our sessions started ust over a year earlier.

Within the BIID, Disabled Pretenders community, there’s a buzz over the experience  I’ve shared of helping a young man living in England, UK to go from pretending to be disabled to now being a full time wheel-chair user.

I’ve written about this before. Some consider Body Identify Integrity Disorder as a mental health problem. Some see it as a fetish. I’m not sure about the sexual side of it. Those that I work with to achieve disability through the power of the mind seem less concerned about sex, but more motivated by a sense of contentment. In fact, for most, the desire for their particular disability of choice is so strong that they will consider risky options to achieve permanent disability.

I get quite a few enquiries. Obviously, they want to know, how many sessions will it take (piece of string), is it permanent, will it be convincing, even to medical professionals.

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This young man I will call Robin, has provided a testimonial to express his appreciation for now being a permanent wheel-chair user. He has been wheel-chair bound since 2012, and as I warned him, there’d be no turning back. There isn’t.

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‘First of all I’m very, very happy with the results achieved through our sessions. By way of background I have wanted to be confined to a wheelchair permanently. For years I contemplated how to achieve my desire.

Having come across your site and our discussions it was a path which we embarked on. Within several sessions the progress attained was incredible and admittedly ‘scary’ however exactly what I wanted.

Ultimately my legs no longer function as they have not been used for a number of years, medically the functionality can no longer be restored and as a consequence my life in a wheelchair is complete.

I honestly never thought it would be possible and therefore an incredible journey
Until I discovered the possibility of achieving my aim through hypnosis I considered self-harm although I knew the outcome could not be guaranteed or the desired effect and therefore until this point ‘resigned’ to pretending to be disabled.

In terms of preparation I had not really prepared as such as I had thought it would be an unattainable goal and therefore the need to adjust wasn’t there. Therefore after getting over the initial euphoria when it happened, a steep learning was required which initially was hard to cope with. Despite spending the vast majority of my waking hours in a wheelchair it became quickly apparent that certain muscle groups were still used.

It took me approximately 3 months to ‘adjust’ and is something I do not regret and a few years down the line there is physically no way back even if I wanted to.
If it is something you wish for then it is well worth achieving. The only advice is it WILL happen if you want and there is no going back.

Man in a wheelchair disabled pretenders BIID

BIID, Disabled Pretenders

So what are your options if you want to experience disability safely.   Remember, you’re luckier than the hundreds of thousands that had no choice but to live with a disability they can’t do anything about.  Which is why many with BIID are secretive about it for fear of being judged.

But I ain’t judging.  I’m just glad I’m here to help you achieve your desire without jumping in front of a truck, or using a toxic substance.

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