What He Remembers Of A Wonderful Erotic Hypnosis Experience

When this gentleman client sent me this write-up of his experience of erotic hypnosis in London, the writer in me, the perfectionist in me, was tempted to re-write it.  But then, his voice would be lost. And it is his story.  He’s actually been hypnotised by me a few times.  (Yes, I changed his name to protect his identity and blushes)

Hi Cleo.

I have written a short story based on my last session with you.

Drake was already excited and quite aroused as he walked from the station. He knocked on the door and was greeted by Cleopatra, a specialist female erotic hypnotist for real time erotic hypnosis.

She was wearing a beautiful silk blouse and a lovely Silk scarf. She showed him into the room where he knew his fantasy would come true.

Cleo sat him down on a reclining chair and leaned over him swinging a pendant from side to side just at the height that he could follow its movement. She told him to focus on it and began speaking in her beautiful, soothing voice, as she told him to relax and feel his eyes getting heavier.He was aware of how beautiful her blouse was and how the silk scarf was draped around her neck but he could feel his eyes, so heavy and although he wanted to keep looking at the beautiful hypnotist, he knew he couldn’t resist and as his eyes closed he felt a lovely and warm feeling of comfort and total relaxation.

Cleo then counted backwards from ten and Drake drifted away and was deeeep asleep. He was then woken by Cleo and is only able to recall bits of what happened next.

But he remembers being touched and stroked by the beautiful silk scarf which Cleo had been wearing and getting very aroused and horny but also completely unable to move and being more deeply relaxed than he could ever remember.

She put him back to sleep and the next thing he remembered, she played some stripper music and he was compelled to start taking his clothes off, right down to the silk panties underwear he had on.

The next thing he remembered was waking from trance and Cleo handed him the silk scarf which he had especially brought with him for the occasion.

He couldn’t resist and began softly stroking himself whilst Cleo’s voice aroused and took him into a state of hypnotic ecstasy. It was total bliss and Drake knew he couldn’t even begin to resist Cleo.

When he awoke he saw the silk blouse buttoned at exactly the right height and he realized she was his hypnotic Goddess and he would be back and, he hoped, be taken even deeper under her control.

He loved following her commands.

I hope you like this Cleo. It’s based on what I remember.

I am always you Silk Slave, Drake

So, my question to you is, will it be your memories of your live erotic hypnosis experience here next?  I’m waiting for you.

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