Tony’s First Hypno Orgasm

As a regular actor in Adult Films, Tony’s no stranger to showing his body off on camera.  He thought it would be great fun to experience arousal under hypnosis.  This was his second time of being hypnotized.

I discovered him when I chanced upon his advert promoting his availability as an adult film actor.  This, I thought, was a man comfortable in his own skin.   Could I possibly tempt him into allowing me to hypnotise him on camera and show him getting aroused and cumming?  We exchanged a couple of emails, a phone call or two, and within a week, he’d come over to see me, more out of curiosity.

I gave him suggestions of having exceptionally horny feet, his big toe being the tip of his cock, his foot being the shaft of his cock and his heel being directly wired to his balls.  As I stroked his feet and teased his skin with my nails, he was helplessly aroused.  I could have made him do anything, at this point.

I also increased the sensitivity in his nipples, and later gave him a hypnotic virtual wank with my pocket watch circling his cock in slow deliberate circles.

I was hoping he would have a hands-free orgasm.  This happens sometimes, but not on this occasion.  I’ve got a theory as to why it didn’t happen though.

There were a couple of hair moments; for example, the media card ran out of space and for a moment I wondered if it had recorded anything at all.  This must have been about half an hour into the whole thing, by which time he was well and truly under my spell.

Then towards the end, I wanted to zoom the camera in on his exploding member, to catch what is known in the porn industry as the “cum shot” in close up.  I mistakenly dropped the camera angle and then switched it off!  And he was on the verge of cumming! I never thought it was possible to switch any kind of machinery back on that fast.

The look on his face when he opened his eyes and saw the cum all over his fingers was priceless.  And by his own admission, this was hotter than anything he’d ever done before.  And trust me, as a porn star, he’s done a few crazy things and collected a few signed t-shirts.

In a nut shell, Tony experiences

Pocket watch induction
Tease and denial
Extreme arousal via his feet and toes
Verbal triggers for arousal
Increased arousal in his nipples
Negative hallucination where he could not find his nipples no matter how earnestly he felt his chest
A mind blowing orgasm
A hypnotic wank with my pocket watch

And as you watch how he responds to my voice, I wonder if you may notice that you also find yourself responding to my words and suggestions for increased arousal.  And maybe your own hands-free orgasm.

Tony’s session, that he kindly allowed me to film, is typical of how most of my live erotic hypnosis sessions are.  You listen, and you obey.  Take the first step of obedience and submission to me;  buy the video now.  Then imagine yourself so vividly in Tony’s place, feeling Tony’s feelings, that you soon know now that you have to experience my erotic hypnosis for real!

Meanwhile, Tony is available for porno and adult film shoots.

Duration:  70 minutes  Price: $59.99 at Tony’s First Hypnotic Orgasm
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