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What He Remembers Of A Wonderful Erotic Hypnosis Experience

When this gentleman client sent me this write-up of his experience of erotic hypnosis in London, the writer in me, the perfectionist in me, was tempted to re-write it.  But then, his voice would be lost. And it is his story.  He’s actually been hypnotised by me a few times.  (Yes, I changed his name to protect his identity and blushes)

Hi Cleo.

I have written a short story based on my last session with you.

Drake was already excited and quite aroused as he walked from the station. He knocked on the door and was greeted by Cleopatra, a specialist female erotic hypnotist for real time erotic hypnosis.

She was wearing a beautiful silk blouse and a lovely Silk scarf. She showed him into the room where he knew his fantasy would come true.

Cleo sat him down on a reclining chair and leaned over him swinging a pendant from side to side just at the height that he could follow its movement. She told him to focus on it and began speaking in her beautiful, soothing voice, as she told him to relax and feel his eyes getting heavier.He was aware of how beautiful her blouse was and how the silk scarf was draped around her neck but he could feel his eyes, so heavy and although he wanted to keep looking at the beautiful hypnotist, he knew he couldn’t resist and as his eyes closed he felt a lovely and warm feeling of comfort and total relaxation.

Cleo then counted backwards from ten and Drake drifted away and was deeeep asleep. He was then woken by Cleo and is only able to recall bits of what happened next.

But he remembers being touched and stroked by the beautiful silk scarf which Cleo had been wearing and getting very aroused and horny but also completely unable to move and being more deeply relaxed than he could ever remember.

She put him back to sleep and the next thing he remembered, she played some stripper music and he was compelled to start taking his clothes off, right down to the silk panties underwear he had on.

The next thing he remembered was waking from trance and Cleo handed him the silk scarf which he had especially brought with him for the occasion.

He couldn’t resist and began softly stroking himself whilst Cleo’s voice aroused and took him into a state of hypnotic ecstasy. It was total bliss and Drake knew he couldn’t even begin to resist Cleo.

When he awoke he saw the silk blouse buttoned at exactly the right height and he realized she was his hypnotic Goddess and he would be back and, he hoped, be taken even deeper under her control.

He loved following her commands.

I hope you like this Cleo. It’s based on what I remember.

I am always you Silk Slave, Drake

So, my question to you is, will it be your memories of your live erotic hypnosis experience here next?  I’m waiting for you.

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Cleopatra, Your Queen of Erotic Hypnosis

Lunch Hour Orgasm With Erotic Hypnosis Your Crystal Surrender Release

Erotic Hypnosis So Deep That You Orgasm In A Car Park And Just Don’t Care

Imagine, you find yourself craving to watch one of my erotic hypnosis videos or to listen to one of my erotic hypnosis audio mp3s.

With little time on your hands, you don’t go far … somewhere private … yet public

Perhaps you weren’t expecting too much because it’s your first time of attempting to see if hypnosis works for you.

Or perhaps you’ve been hypnotized by me before … but you’re sure you’ll be in control.

Erotic Hypnosis Video Your Crystal Surrender

Queen Cleopatra Findom Erotic Hypnosis Your Crystal Surrender

One of my live session pets purchased Your Crystal Surrender. Your Crystal Surrender is about 30 minutes of mind and body control that includes orgasm control.

This was his comment:

“Just finishing my lunch hour, I couldn’t resist listening to “your crystal surrender” I have just had the most wonderful orgasm in the car park. I don’t think anyone was watching but I was too deep to care. I really can’t resist you!”

Of course, if you’ve had a taste of my live sessions, watching me on video makes a repeat session irresistible.

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I pressed him to share more about his experience and below are the few words he could string together to describe an experience that feels hazy and wonderful.

“My review of Your Crystal Surrender.

It is always a very arousing thought but listening to this is very intense and quite incredibly sensual.

I love the feeling of total relaxation and complete surrender as I drift deeper and deeper under your control. The count down takes me into a blissful state of Sleeeep and I am unable to do anything except obey your commands.

The fabulous feelings of arousal and the sensations if being so horny grow to an amazing level and the climax is a huge orgasm on your command after struggling to hold back but being unable to cum without your say so.

I experienced all this in my lunch hour and it was amazing. I can’t wait to come and see you and “SLEEEEP NOW” I want to surrender completely to you. Thank you lovely lady.”

And remember, you can, like the author of this Erotic Hypnosis Video review, book your appointment for your own, personalised live face to face erotic hypnosis session.

Keeping You On The Edge of Orgasm With Hypnosis

Ruined Orgasms, Tease and Denial, Edging Hypnotist

Imagine your mind being whipped into a horny frenzy by my hypnotic suggestions. Your body tormented, as you are perched on the peak of climax, left hanging while I giggle at your predicament. Edged so close to climax that your testicles are bulging, your toes curled, your breath panting gasps.

You are seconds away from cumming … yet the seconds become mind numbing minutes and those mind numbing minutes turn into toe curling hours …

Imagine this going on for an hour or two, before you are sent off on your merry way, cock throbbing, balls aching, your whole body on heat with the bottled up arousal.

Can you handle this?

Perhaps there’s a trigger upon which your testes will spew forth their contents spontaneously, too late for you to try and hold it back.

My hypnotic suggestions are like a cork in your mind, preventing you from achieving climax unless it is on my terms, condemning your manhood to subservience under my control.

Experience true edging, begging shamelessly to be put out of your erotic torment, never knowing whether I’ll be gracious enough to permit you release. Sadistic enough to dismiss you and leave you hanging. Or seductive enough to require a ransom for the privilege by perusing my wish-list.

Experience edging with me and you’ll be addicted to that feeling of horny subservience.


How Do I Book and Experience This Mind Blowing Adventure?

Easy!  Just book using this form. Expect your reply within 48 hours:


Erotic Hypnosis in Dublin City November 6 to November 10

I shall be available for a limited number of erotic hypnosis live in person sessions of Erotic Hypnosis in Dublin City Centre this November.  My current estimated availability is in the evenings of November 6 to November 10.

Have you always nursed a curiosity about what it would be like to be hypnotized?  Do you wonder how real it is, how real it feels to experience erotic hypnosis?  This is your chance with real live erotic hypnosis in Dublin, Ireland.

Complete your application for your live session at Visit my web site www.queencleopatra.co.uk for information about erotic hypnosis and begin to explore the possibility of realising your own personal fantasy.

The rates are €250 for the first hour and €200 for each additional hour.

I’m going to have an incredibly busy schedule and therefore will only confirm bookings and provide a local (Dublin) contact phone number after payment of a deposit.  You can pay your deposit, which amounts to €50 (fifty euros) by clicking on either the button or visiting the link (to Bitcoin, which is 100% anonymous for you).

The session is for erotic hypnosis.  I am happy to install in you post hypnotic triggers that will enhance your sexual performance and pleasure with your chosen partners in your real life.  Just don’t ask me to be prodding you with a strap-on or “hypnotizing you into being a pussy worshiping slave”.  I will make you your partner’s pussy worshiping slave!

Focus on your hypno queen

Dublin Erotic Hypnosis – Focus on your hypno queen


Erotic Hypnosis Sessions are never recorded without your prior consent.  There is no question of you suddenly finding your oblivious antic appearing on social media.   I take privacy matters seriously and discretion is guaranteed.  All sessions you see that I have recorded were agreed with model release forms and proof of ID by the subject provided.

Examples of these recorded erotic hypnosis sessions include

Sleepy Resistance Buy Now

David’s Hypnotic Chill-Out Buy Now

Naked Hypnosis – The Naked Truth         (A CFNM series) Buy Now

Tony’s The Porn Star’s First Hypno Orgasm Buy Now

Scott and Cindy The Hypno Doll wmv Buy Now


Hypnotic Orgasm Control With Hypnotist Cleopatra

The clip below is an excerpt from a session that was recorded as part of the subject’s own private collection.  A private collection is an arrangment between the subject and I where the subject can record and keep the video of the session for his own private use.

On this occasion, I, and you, are lucky in that he has generously allowed me to share this clip with you.

Focus on his crotch area – not mine!  And observe how his subconscious body movements correspond to my suggestions.   With his perfect pitch of obedience to my voice, you can imagine just how explosive the outcome was.  It concluded humanely, with no soiling of clothing.

This is one of my techniques of orgasm control, or tease and denial.  Personally, I am not bothered which part of you feels compelled to obey me … as long as I am obeyed.  And that is easy.  You just sit back, relax, and focus … the rest will cum.


Cleopatra, Queen of Erotic Hypnosis in London, UK

Cleopatra is a female hypnotist specialising in Erotic Hypnosis, Mind Control, and Brain Washing in London, UK where she offers live, in person sessions of real, one to one hypnosis, a unique experience for those that wish to experience complete loss of control.

She also performs group hypnosis and stage hypnosis shows, as well as sessions via web cam, and phone. And if you can handle having your mind in a dreamy spin for days on end, invite Cleopatra along as your hypnotic travel companion on your next holiday break. Cleopatra regularly visits major US cities, Australia and Europe.

See samples of her warm hypnotic style on her Youtube Channel, http://www.youtube.com/erotichypnosis

Purchase her unique erotic hypnosis videos at http://www.clips4sale.com/store/30616