Sweet Dreams of Breast Hypnosis

This is the first erotic hypnosis video that I’m releasing.  Just over 30 minutes of dreamy bliss as you focus your eyes on my beautiful, smooth skin and the swell of my gentle bosom.

Watching me prepare for bed is ideal for your bed time, or any time you are ready to relax and sink into a dreamy state, ready to dream about me and my breasts.  Gently drift away to the soothing and entrancing sound of my hypnotic voice and the sight of my mesmerising breasts.  Focus on my ruby lips, my bright red finger nails, and the hypnotic ring, and feel yourself sucked in deeper and deeper.

Expect to feel the erotic effects of watching this for a long time afterwards.   It is only fair to advise, nay warn, that you may find that you are obsessed with my breasts during your waking moments and most especially when you sleep and dream at night.

What are others saying about this seductive video?

“Oh my God!  That is an incredible video.  I’m still in a daze but have to share my immediate reactions.
I cant believe how much I need to feel your breasts against my face! My eyes closed during the induction and I could see your breasts in my mind. and your descripton of slipping a nipple into my mouth. Arghhhhhhhh.

Then right at the end …”

Written by the above reviewer, 24 hours later almost to the minute:

“By the way,  I dreamt of you last night.

You induced me really slowly – constantly talking about sleep and how your voice made me so drowsy and sleepy. And at the point where my eyes wouldnt open anymore, I came in a long, slow, mind blowing stream of release and submission. Woke up and fortunately, the ejaculation was a dream only!! “

“Your instinctive sexiness and hypnotic skill is evident. The way you move your body and hands – I mean, I’ve never understood that thing about fingernails and hands, but I found myself lazily watching your hand and ring at one point, then my eyes drifted back to your cleavage and imagining myself resting there…. “

Duration: 33 minutes; Price $34.99

Available at http://www.clips4sale.com/store/30616


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Cleopatra, Queen of Erotic Hypnosis

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