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If you’ve fantasized since childhood about being disabled, either in crutches, in a wheel-chair, for example, and then grown up into a discontented and misunderstood adult, resenting being able bodied and literally envying those born disabled or those who have experienced a mishap, this blog will resonate with you.

If you’ve invested in a wheelchair as part of a wheelchair fantasy and regularly spend many blissful hours in it, enjoying and accepting the struggle to adapt to a non-wheelchair friendly society; or if you even venture out in your wheel-chair, into a world that sees and believes you are disabled while you are pretending to be disabled, you will understand what some call a fetish and some call a disorder.

Pretending to be disabled fetish.  Body Identify Integrity Disorder, also known as BIID.  Disabled Pretenders. There is a community out there, and one is not as alone in it as many before you were.  And if you are hearing about this for the first time then is a good place to start.   On sites like Fetlife, there are groups like where the sensual side of this life-style is accepted and explored.

Men, women,  And for many of them, their desire to be disabled began in child-hood and showed no sign of subsiding with adulthood.  Rather a determination by many of them to achieve their desire to be a real wheel-chair user, through the loss of the use of their legs.  And sometimes with strategies that make one grimace.  Some have considered hiring thugs to break their spines with an act of violience; some have gone out of their way to be involved in car crashes or have accidental falls; and there are surgeons who, for the right amount of money will snip a vital nerve or chord to incur irreversible damage to the spinal column.  A typical asking price for this would be $16,000.

So, a hypnosis recording for under $60 that can induce the same outcome of wheel-chair dependency without pain, blood loss or risk to life suddenly sounds quite humane.

Yes, this got me thinking.  Because some years ago, I had the first of several web cam sessions with a young man who wanted to be paralysed from the waist down.  The first time he approached me, I was still quite new to the world of erotic hypnosis.  I was used to all manner of kinks and fetishes, but it took me a while to realise that for this young man, what he asked for was a fetish.  In fact, when  he pressed that he wanted it permanent, and not temporary as he’d experienced with our sessions, I realised he was determined and would do anything to achieve his wish.  I’m glad he didn’t resort to the other methods.

Beautiful Paralysis Erotic Hypnosis MP3 for temporary or permanent paralysis from the waist downwards.

Beautiful Paralysis Erotic Hypnosis MP3 for temporary or permanent paralysis from the waist downwards.

Why, I had asked him, although now, after more years as a therapist and erotic hypnotist, I realise that the question “why?” is neither resourceful nor helps the person being interrogated to come up with an answer that makes sense to even themselves, let alone the inquisitor.

Rather, I wish I’d asked him “What would losing the use of your legs permanently do for you?”  “Why” sounds too judgmental.  It’s laden with incredulity which puts the target on the defensive.

But for those that desire to be paralyzed, they don’t want to be defensive.  They want to be understood.  And I think I only recently began to really understand.  Web sites like

When his legs stopped working after our last session, I was not a little pissed off that he’d told the stunned medical crew, “A hypnotist did it,”  As if hypnotism doesn’t get a bad enough press already!  But when I read about qualified surgeons prepared to snip at a person’s spiral chord in order to paralyze them, I felt that my approach with hypnotic suggestion was, literally, the kindest cut in the circumstances.  Because if, after becoming paralyzed through hypnosis, a person changes their mind (like my fellow did), there is always the option to re-negotiate with the unconscious mind that perhaps, after all, one would like to be able to walk again.

So, if you would like your chance to experience paralysis of the legs, from the waist downwards, buy this MP3.  Be sensible and make provision for adjusting to legs that simply do not work, as opposed to legs you are pretending do not work.  Something as simple as realising you need to go to the bathroom, and the risk that you may end up doing it right there in your bed, or on the floor as you crawl to the nearest toilet.  And there is a reinforcement recording too, to really drive home the message to your unconscious mind that you mean business with your desire for permanent paralysis.  If permanent paralysis is your goal.

In a separate blog I will publish the young man’s testimonial.  Really, getting testimonials for erotic hypnosis out of some of you guys makes extracting blood from a rock look like child’s play!

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi. Could this Beautiful Paralysis be controlled by another close by person? Both to instanty become paralyzeand they would also be the only one to “switch off” the effects?

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