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Lunch Hour Orgasm With Erotic Hypnosis Your Crystal Surrender Release

Erotic Hypnosis So Deep That You Orgasm In A Car Park And Just Don’t Care

Imagine, you find yourself craving to watch one of my erotic hypnosis videos or to listen to one of my erotic hypnosis audio mp3s.

With little time on your hands, you don’t go far … somewhere private … yet public

Perhaps you weren’t expecting too much because it’s your first time of attempting to see if hypnosis works for you.

Or perhaps you’ve been hypnotized by me before … but you’re sure you’ll be in control.

Erotic Hypnosis Video Your Crystal Surrender

Queen Cleopatra Findom Erotic Hypnosis Your Crystal Surrender

One of my live session pets purchased Your Crystal Surrender. Your Crystal Surrender is about 30 minutes of mind and body control that includes orgasm control.

This was his comment:

“Just finishing my lunch hour, I couldn’t resist listening to “your crystal surrender” I have just had the most wonderful orgasm in the car park. I don’t think anyone was watching but I was too deep to care. I really can’t resist you!”

Of course, if you’ve had a taste of my live sessions, watching me on video makes a repeat session irresistible.

There are three different options if you are ready to purchase Your Cyrstal Surrender from the following links below.  Unless you want to purchase direct from me :


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I pressed him to share more about his experience and below are the few words he could string together to describe an experience that feels hazy and wonderful.

“My review of Your Crystal Surrender.

It is always a very arousing thought but listening to this is very intense and quite incredibly sensual.

I love the feeling of total relaxation and complete surrender as I drift deeper and deeper under your control. The count down takes me into a blissful state of Sleeeep and I am unable to do anything except obey your commands.

The fabulous feelings of arousal and the sensations if being so horny grow to an amazing level and the climax is a huge orgasm on your command after struggling to hold back but being unable to cum without your say so.

I experienced all this in my lunch hour and it was amazing. I can’t wait to come and see you and “SLEEEEP NOW” I want to surrender completely to you. Thank you lovely lady.”

And remember, you can, like the author of this Erotic Hypnosis Video review, book your appointment for your own, personalised live face to face erotic hypnosis session.

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Cleopatra, Your Queen of Erotic Hypnosis

Mindless Robots, Horny Mannequins, and Limp Rag Doll Erotic Hypnosis

Mindless Robots, Horny Mannequins, and Limp Rad Doll Erotic Hypnosis

It would be nice if every one that had a session with me gave me some feedback afterwards. Especially for the erotic hypnosis sessions done via Skype or phone.

Sometimes a past hypnotic subject pops up for another session a week or two later, and confesses that they can’t really remember specifics of the previous session. I guess in that situation asking them to recount would be futile!

But this dear chap wrote to me within an hour of his session. He’d asked if at some point in the session, I could place a trigger that would replace his normal persona with a mindless one with no identity.

I figured this would be perfect for one of my mindless i robot triggers. I also gave him a suggestion where his water was spiked (the water was fetched by his robot persona so when he came out of a trance and there was a glass of water in front of him, he was genuinely surprised.

But he was also incredibly thirsty, as per my suggestion. Drinking the spiked water would make the room he was in spin around before he fell back, limp and mindless, like a rag doll. Then there was a suggestion to restore his mind but let him remain limp, like Woody in the cartoon Toy Story. He’d be lying limp and crumpled, staring, but with a mind. Until I used the trigger that let his body resume normal function.

I also gave him a mannequin trigger which is programmed to take hold gradually so he feels his body beginning to stiffen gradually from one point to another.


And while he was in mannequin mode, I got him to receive an imaginary blow job that he could feel happening, even though he was frozen, and counted him to a suck off ejaculation. As he got permission to ejaculate, I returned his normal body function to him so he roared as he came.

Pretty cool! And all this achieved within 32 minutes. But then, we’ve done about 6 or 7 sessions, so he has an instant sleep trigger which means I can get to work quite quickly hacking his hypnotised mind.

And normally, I do sessions like this every day, but never hear back from the subjects, then wonder if it really was as hot as it sounded.

Now, he did get back in touch within the hour to give his feedback. And this is his account of the session.

dear Mistress,

O/our latest session was amazing. some of the memories are coming back to me from it.

i don’t remember exactly what i did as a minion robot, but i remember being aroused by the experience. after i hung up the phone, i saw the shoe row and it hit me what i did as a robot. that made me even hotter the rag-doll was a bit was freaky, but fun. i’ve also had a longing to be a manequin.

i think the best fun was being the robot minion. maybe Y/you could make the robot tell You that (name withheld) doesn’t exist and there is only the robot minion.

an idea for next time, Mistress. that’s all it is.

Your minion,

(Name withheld)

My doors are open to receive more minions that I can transform into mindless robots, frozen mannequins, or limp rag dolls, all programmed to climax while in the midst of their hypnotic predicament.

Are you ready to be my next programmed mindless, drooling minion? A hypnotist can never have too many of them serving her.

Book your session here now.


Must Real Time Experience Come Before Hypnotic Experience?

This is an age old question.  How can a hypnotist suggest something during hypnosis if the subject has not experienced that thing in real life?  What are the limits of hypnotic suggestion?

I’ve always felt that if we can experience things in our dream state, then we can experience it in a state of hypnosis.

Just now, with a Niteflirt Phone Sex caller I decided to put this theory to a practical test.

He’s had several phone sex erotic hypnosis sessions with me on the Niteflirt phone sex site.  And he was wondering what else he could experience and what other callers tend to ask for.

I asked him about his experience with anal play but he’d had none.  I asked because the invisible hypnotic vibrating butt plug is a hit with many of my callers and the post hypnotic trigger to vibrate it still works many, many months after being installed unconsciously.

Notwithstanding his lack of experience in wearing a butt plug, I decided next time he visited to slip the invisible butt plug in, metaphorically and hypnotically, and see what would happen when I applied the post hypnotic triggers.

They worked.  He has no idea what hit him, or what was happening.  But when he blew his load, he was an ecstatically happy submissive hypnotic subject.

The message of this erotic hypnosis blog is, if you can dream it, then you can experience it with hypnosis.  Especially if it is something that you don’t particularly want to experience in real time.

Drop by to experience your custom erotic hypnosis suggestions with me on Niteflirt today.

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One Minute To Get Played With Erotic Hypnosis

This was really taking what we Brits call, taking the Mickey.

A Niteflirt Phone Sex call came through, and I went through the steps to accept it.  As the automated voice was saying “Please introduce yourselves,” and I was waiting to hear the caller introduce themselves, instead I heard the automated voice say, “One minute remaining,”

This had to be a joke.  I did not see that kind of foolishness coming.  What kind of caller calls on with only enough for one minute in their account???  It wasn’t a joke.  It was a caller with a foot fetish who’s called me a few times before.  His calls are always a while apart, because he’s fickle.  But that seems to be par for the course for men with a foot fetish.  Men like him give the foot fetish scene a flakey reputation.  And to be honest, if all you’re after is a woman to talk about her feet, then pass on to the next caller.  I’m here to hypnotise you.  Not to wax lyrical about body parts.

I caught him out eventually, when I realised what to refrain from saying to keep him on the line for longer.  And by doing so, I did him a favour.  I tricked him into getting hypnotised.  I taught him that erotic hypnosis is real.  Not make believe.  That is, after all, what I’m here for.  And I installed a couple of triggers in him that he never saw coming until I zapped him with them.

His game plan, today, was to log on for a one minute call, tell me I couldn’t hypnotise him, and have me foolishly use the trigger.  With hindsight, he really didn’t believe I could hypnotise him.

I played dumb for a minute, picking my words very carefully.  Smiling to myself as I sensed his desperation that I wasn’t falling into his obvious trap.  The time ran out and the automated voice advised me to stay on the line while they asked the caller if he would like to add more credit.

To be honest, I didn’t expect he would.  I’d written him off as a cheap ass and my plan was to put him on block as soon as I hung up.  Because of inconsiderate callers like this, I can’t leave myself logged in when I go to bed.  I don’t mind being woken up for a genuine caller.  But for the 3 minute wankers?  I block them them all.

A decent erotic hypnosis call should last for between 30 to 4o minutes, for a first time caller.  That’s enough time to take you in and out of hypnosis, immerse you in a hypnotic deepener, sprinkle a couple of triggers here and there, command some hypnotic phenomena, like hand levitation or hypnotic amnesia, and send the caller off on their merry way to clean up after a messy, but happy, ending.

For regular callers, the happy ending concludes the hypnotic proceedings within 15 to 20 minutes.  Unless it’s one of my special hypno junkies that just love to be tranced and teased for the best part of an hour, discovering just how mischievous I can be with my erotic hypnosis.

For that I’ll have my sleep disturbed.  But not to be woken up for a loser that wants to jerk off to an egg timer.  Go jerk off on someone else’s watch!

But I had this guy hooked.  The automated voice announced the call had been extended.

He was sheepish and apologetic.  He was man enough to admit that he’d tried to play me and should have known better.  I still kept him waiting before giving him the instant orgasm trigger.  As he gasped and moaned, it was as if he hadn’t really believed the trigger could still work after all this time.  I half expected him to hang on there and then, but I guess orgasms mess up with one’s reflexes a bit.  Before he could think it, I put him to sleep his protests fading on his stilled lips.  Another trigger he wouldn’t have believed could still be strong in him.

The call lasted 11 minutes.  I consider that a minor triumph.  But my plans for him in future will make him weep.

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Hypno Sissy Slut Feminization Erotic Hypnosis Post Session Update

I just received this update from one of my live session clients on a recent erotic hypnosis session where he had wanted to be pre-programmed to behave like an absolute sissy slut.  This following is his story of his horny alter ego experience.


Just an update on the clicker experience

I recently met a couple (M + F) – the female wanted to treat her husband to a tranny as it was his fantasy.

Well I got dressed with 5″ heels a tight mini dress and hold up stockings with full make up and false killer nails.   Before I left for the meet I listened to your hypno MP3 – got in the car equipped with 1 click feeling really fem and sexy.

I had told the female all about the clicker so when I arrived early she was all ready.

Her hubby came home and she told him to get showered for dinner as she had a surprise.

After the shower he came down to dinner all clean and smelling delightful and sat at the table.

I was in the kitchen when she gave 1 click – i cam out all ass and false tits strutting around and I went straight to him and teased him with a really sexy kiss.

I sat down and as we started to eat his wife gave 2 clicks and I became all flirty and was grinding my stockinged foot into his crotch.

Anyway A led to Z and we ended up in bedroom when he was lying on his back all naked – I was looking at him feeling really horny when 3 clicks came from his wife – Got the cock right into my throat without gagging and within 5 mins I was bouncing on his cock moaning like a whore – I was aware I was doing it and it felt really natural but I was unable to stop riding him _ super feeling only to be topped when I looked around at his wife.

She was standing at the door with a huge grin on her face and she let out the 4 click ultimate when I screamed and bucked before spurting all over his chest making him spill his load deep into my boi pussy

It was absolute heaven – thanks to your skills as a hypnotist


Live Erotic Hypnosis Application Form

Live Erotic Hypnosis Application Form

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Tranced and Milked Dry with Erotic Hypnosis After Two Weeks of Abstinence

I'm not sure if his astounding success with one of my erotic hypnosis video clips is as a result of him having visited me for a live 
erotic hypnosis session he had with me here in London.  Or was it the result of two weeks of abstinence. Either way, his email 
after this made me utter an evil cackle.

I've just come back from a holiday in the US with a few friends. We were staying in a shared room so I'd gone almost 2 weeks without any hypnosis or even being able to masturbate.

When I got home this afternoon, one of the first things I did was put on your "Tranced and Milked Dry" video. I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever had a more powerful hypnotic experience (other than the one-on-one session I had with you of course!) I was so deep and so horny by the end I barely even remember the orgasm, but I do know that I was so exhausted that I don't remember coming around for about 15 minutes afterwards. It was certainly the most powerful orgasm I've had for a long long time.

I'd love to arrange another in person session with you if you have any openings over the next few weeks. I can only imagine how much deeper under you control I can fall. I want so much to be a mindless, hypnotized cum slave for you.

If you'd like to see just what effect this cock milking erotic hypnosis video will have on you, you 
can order and download your copy at Clips4sale or Niteflirt by clicking either of these links or the buttons below.

Or send me the equivalent amount in bitcoins and I'll send you a download link for my Tranced and Milked
Dry Erotic Hypnosis video clip.

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Rescued From Being Stuck In Erotic Hypnosis

A top concern about hypnosis is whether a person can get stuck.  I still maintain the answer is no, you can’t get stuck. But what happens if it feels so good to be deep in trance that a part of you struggles against awakening.

I don’t know how he did it!  It would have been the equivalent of single-handedly lifting a car.   Or leaping between roof tops. But it must have taken a Herculean effort for him to return.

From where?  From deep trance.   A trance so deep that after giving him a sleep trigger, and counting him down to a deep level, I then erased his mind with a pre-insalled mind erasure trigger that he loves.  It stops all activity and I can get to work on his mind with all sort of dastardly erotic hypnosis post hypnotic triggers.   I have his permission to be an evil hypnotist so he loves it!

We were on a Niteflirt call.  Niteflirt is billed as the top Phone sex site, in case you were wondering.

Something he had said about his cock not being very big gave me naughty evil thoughts.  So evil that I felt a little turned on at the thought.  A trigger to make his cock increase in size.

Like I said, I’d put him in two levels of deep trance and was planting the suggestions (hallucinations to make his cock feel and look bigger on a trigger), when the call ended abruptly.

I shrugged.  He’d probably come out of the trance, realise and reconnect the call.

About 20 minutes later, another Niteflirt call.  I picked it up and a voice was mumbling.  I recognised the voice.  It’s the voice he speaks with when I’ve erased his mind and he’s trying really hard to talk.

OMG. His mind had been erased all this time.  I blurted out the call to restore his mind, and instantly, his voice was back to normal, and he was swearing and cussing in awe.

I was wondering, how had he made the call with a blank mind.  You’re not supposed to be able to do anything with a blank mind.

Then he told me the most extraordinary story which shouldn’t surprise me, but just shows how amazing the mind is.

He said he found himself floating.  His conscious mind was trying to wake him up.  His unconscious liked where he was and was resisting.  His conscious would give it a while, try and bring him up.   Again, his unconscious would resist.

On a previous occasion, I’d installed a remote arm trigger.  His hand would respond to my suggestions with him watching.  Great for hand-jobs, face slaps, head massages, you name it.

Now, his conscious mind turned to this hand and somehow, his hand rose, found the phone, and dialled niteflirt and got connected with me.

He heard my voice give the post hypnotic trigger for return, and this brought him back.

I tell people you can’t get stuck in hypnosis.  But I can’t account for your unconscious insisting you remain deep in trance!

Phone Sex — let’s do it!

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Appreciation is As Deep As Her Throat After Erotic Hypnosis Session

Another subject’s feed-back after a live session of erotic hypnosis.   When her lips parted spontaneously while she was deep in trance, I knew we’d hit deep throat pay-dirt!  Improving her deep throat skills and over-coming the gag reflex was one of her goals.

This is what she wrote the next day:

Just a short message to thank you for the session.

The moment you used the tunnel analogy and my mouth instinctively opened was one of the most erotic sensations i have ever had.
Wish it had been recorded and i could relive again and again.
Was so horny, i bought a deep red lipstick at the airport, i went into a cubicle in the toilet and put some on. I then proceeded to deep throat a narrow neck bottle.
I am such a horny bitch
Thank you

Joanne XX

Not to mention that the aforementioned horny bitch has discovered that the triggers I planted in her work as

well when she shares them with her online friends!

Erotic Hypnosis On Niteflirt

My Niteflirt ID is EbonyHypnodomme and I give you an explosive experience of erotic hypnosis via Niteflirt.  You can find me online now, or send me a message to find out when next I will be online.

You can find real erotic hypnosis on Niteflirt.  And yes, there are a lot of Flirts on Niteflirt just going through the motions.  Niteflirts who wouldn’t have a clue if you asked them for true personality change, amnesia, or arm levitation.  These, and other things are the kind of things I regularly do during my Niteflirt calls.  Even first time callers and hypnosis virgins have great first experiences when they call me.

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Orgasm Control Hotline

So many ways for you to submit and feel your orgasms under my control once you fall deeply for my hypnotic spell.  For example, a Hypnotic Orgasmic Implosion is where I install a post hypnotic trigger in your mind which means that when triggered, you will be frozen like a mannequin, unable to make a sound as you cum hard for me.

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UK Ebony Erotic Hypnosis Superior Orgasm Control

True Submission of Your Mind And Helpless Body to your hypnotic black mistress.  My natural dominance has all the more impact when you find that you are compelled to submit to my powers of hypnosis. Skilled in different hypnotic approaches that take your mind deeper, the tricks I play with your mind make many of my callers return hungry for more within 24 hours.

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Post Hypnotic Triggers

There are also Post Hypnotic Triggers that make the call you have with me the gift that keeps on giving:

Sleep For Me Now Post Hypnotic Trigger ~ An instant sleep trigger which puts the listener into a deeper and swifter level of trance than the last time I hypnotized them.

Sensitive Nipples Post Hypnotic Trigger ~ Creating a sudden and pleasurable state in the nipples like the ultimate erogenous zone.

Mission Horny Post Hypnotic Trigger ~ Typically, this will be a trigger that creates a compulsive urge to act upon a state of horniness.

Anal Butt Plug Post Hypnotic Trigger ~ A post hypnotic trigger that activates a secretly hidden butt plug in the subject.

Barbie Time Post Hypnotic Trigger ~ A trigger for someone previously hypnotized by me to behave like a Barbie doll.

Throbbing Cock Post Hypnotic Trigger ~ When the listener hears it, they will feel their cock throb with pleasure at the sound of my voice.

Good Boy Post Hypnotic Trigger  ~ Sometimes I use the expression good boy to trigger pleasure and arousal and sometimes I use it to trigger submission.

Freeze/Mannequin Post Hypnotic Trigger ~ A trigger for those with a fetish for freezing and mannequin play.

Cum Now Post Hypnotic Trigger ~ A post hypnotic trigger for a full body orgasm in the listener.

Bimbo Mode Post Hypnotic Trigger  ~ This trigger turns the listener into a Bimbo air head.


Erotic Hypnosis For A Mindless Obedient Cum Eating Cuckold

Erotic Hypnosis for a mindless obedient cum eating cuckold proved useful recently. Being a Mindless Obedient Cuckold Minion is a useful state to be in and I dish out episodes of mindless blankness to many of my subjects using erotic hypnosis.  But today I needed a mindless post hypnotic trigger for a very practical reason.

I had a client today who is into the cuckolding fetish.  And to be a good cuckold, he needed to clean up bull’s sperm after his wife’s lover.

The problem?  The idea of her being dominant and demanding that he clean up their spunk with his tongue was exciting and arousing.  But the sight of it, the thought of it … he wasn’t enjoying the actual act. Now he wanted to see if erotic hypnosis could help him with this task.  He wanted so badly to obey.  But he wasn’t finding it easy.

I thought long and hard about this.  I literally sat there and stared into space wondering which NLP manouveure I could use to change the way he feels about the taste of cum.

But it wasn’t just about the taste.  It was also the thought.  And I didn’t want to just make him believe that the spunk tasted like his favourite food.  I had a sense this could back-fire.

I decided to go back to good old fashioned hypnotic suggestion.  Slammed him back into a trance and gave him a trigger to be a mindless obedient cuckold minion every time I tapped his forehead.  I (or his mistress) would give him an order, tap his head, then sit back.  While performing the order, he’d go into mindless mode.  On completion of the task come back to his senses.  I also gave him a post hypnotic trigger to do it himself.

Then I brought him back.  It was time to test this.  Fortunately, I have no stored cum to test him with.   I also find it repulsive to watch a man eating cum.  I’ve never understood why men write me saying they’d live to show their obedience to me by allowing me to hypnotize them into eating/drinking their own cum.  Like this was a special act of generosity that I should appreciate.  It’s especially bad if I’m eating while reading my email and they’ve put me off my food.

Anyway, I had this guy back out of trance.  Looked around for a simple task.  I spotted my pocket watch.   “Go and bring me my pocket watch,” I said, then tapped his forehead.  His eyes looked straight ahead, his expression placid, as he went, fetched the pocket watch back for me.

Then he sat down and the life came back to his face.

“What do you remember?” I asked,

“Not much, really,” he looked puzzled.

“Well, how much,” I pressed for details.  I could see him struggling for words.

I chucked in a few amnesia suggestions to make even the little he was struggling to remember float away from his verbal grasp.

I espied a key in the key hole.  This would be a more complicated task to challenge the complexity of tasks he could undertake while mindless.  But this time I wanted him to activate the trigger himself.

He did, and executed the command I had given him like a mindless zombie.   Then came back to his seat looking a little confused.  Again, he had even less recollection of what he had just done and again, amnesia suggestions wiped out not just what he was struggling to recall but any remaining conscious awareness as I stuck him back into trance.  It was time to seal the suggestions in good and proper, then take him on another test-drive.

This time, I told him I wanted him to strip naked then sit back down.  The next thing, he knew, he was butt naked except for a steel chastity device. Self-consciously he crossed his legs together.

“Too late,”  I teased.

He honestly couldn’t remember the actual taking off of his clothes.  We sat and chatted for a while before I ordered him to get dressed again and deployed his trigger.  I watched as he silently got dressed, did all his buttons and tied his shoe laces.  Then sat down again.  This time he was laughing. The last minute or so hadn’t happened as far as his memory could recall.  Yet he was fully clothed again.

I told him the more he used the Mindless Obedient Minion trigger, the more rooted it would be in his unconscious mind.  The only time he is forbidden from using this trigger is when driving.  I know we do a lot of driving in a trance.  But I’d rather not take any chances.

I bade him goodbye.  The proof in the pudding would be the next time his wife had a visit from one of her bulls.

How would you use your Mindless Obedient Minion post hypnotic trigger?

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