Pocket Watch Relief

I call this recording Pocket Watch Relief . It’s about what I do with my pocket watch when a client is deeply in trance. There’s a link below for you to listen to a sample of it and a button for you to click on it if you wish to buy the full 43 minute version of this erotic hypnosis session mp3.

The client’s voice and responses are edited out so it is only my voice you will hear. Being a live session, I was not reading from a script drafted and edited to literary perfection.   This is just the way it would be if it were you lying on my couch as I place you into a deep, deep trance

Some have listened to the full recording and felt themselves go under much sooner than the actual client did. Imagine being with me in person. As you listen, imagine it is you on the couch, sleepy eyes following the pocket watch. Imagine it is you experiencing post hypnotic triggers that you cannot resist. Just close your eyes and listen.

Your full length recording will be delivered electronically, typically within 12 hours of cleared payment.

Meanwhile, relax and listen to this sample which is a colletion of clips taken from this session, at the beginning, the middle, and the climatic ending …

Price: $20 :  Duration:  File Format:  File Size:


If you encounter any difficulties with the payment, please use the contact form to let me know. 

Cleopatra, Queen of Erotic Hypnosis

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Erotic hypnosis works very well over the phone, you know …

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2 Responses to Pocket Watch Relief

  1. Alan says:

    I loved that sample…

  2. Thank you! Imagine how good the whole video makes you feel …

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