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Be hypnotised from the comfort of your arm-chair or your bed.  I offer erotic hypnosis sessions via web cam, using Skype. My Skype ID will be available only after payment is made.

Your camera is turned on but all I am interested in seeing is your face and general composure.   This helps the session to be more interactive as I respond to your response.  This is the difference between a phone sessions, where I can only guess what’s happening on the other end, and our trance could be broken if I suggest something contrary   to what is happening at that point, like whether your eyes are open, or your hand is drifting in the air.

Erotic hypnosis web cam session by skype

Erotic hypnosis web cam sessions by skype

You can be enjoying your journey to mindless submission or intense arousal (with optional tease and denial) through erotic hypnosis with me in a matter of hours.   Or perhaps you would like to have your will power taken away from you as you are compelled to tell me your deepest, darkest secrets?  Erotic hypnosis via web cam is just as effective as if I were hypnotising you in person.  I use a combination of my voice, or text hypnosis to take you into trance and conditioned to post hypnotic triggers.

If you would like to be hypnotised via web cam, then first:

Decide how long you would like to spend in hypnosis with me.

Then complete the application form below.  This gives me enough background about your fantasies and motivations to make sure the sessions we have together are tailored for you.

Then decide how you’re going to pay.  Options for payment are

Bank deposit (please contact me for bank deposit details)

Amazon UK gift certificate (NOT Amazon US) This will be to the same reply email you receive once you’ve booked your session.

Bitcoins (please contact me for your unique bitcoin url to make payment).  Bitcoin rates fluctuate so do consult below for guidance on current bitcoin rates.

bit coin accepted for erotic hypnosis web cam sessions

Bitcoins accepted for erotic hypnosis web cam sessions



 30 Minutes Web Cam Hypnosis – £70 – One  Way Camera
One Hour Web Cam Hypnosis – £100 One Way Camera
One Hour Web Cam Hypnosis    – £200 Two  Way Camera


I suggest that you complete the form below  if we have not already had a had a session together.  If I have already hypnotised you in the past, then chances are that I will already know your desires better than you know them yourself.

A web cam is absolutely essential for any session to take place.  This takes the guess work out of it for me and means that I can make better use of your time, seeing when I need to take you deeper, or which triggers are working best on you or need to be re-applied.



My time is precious.  If you are found to have logged in for a session without a web camera, or one not tested to be working, or with poor lighting, then the time for you to trouble-shoot what isn’t working comes from the time booked.  I will not extend the time booked for trouble-shooting.  If the problem is from my end, then I shall accept that we need to extend the time for me to trouble-shoot.



You do not have permission from me, implied or otherwise,  to record, in any way shape or form, any web cam or audio footage of myself, both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action and any other forms of retribution that I deem fit.

Neither do I, in any way, shape or form, record any web cam or audio footage of yourself during web cam or phone sessions.

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