Live Erotic Hypnosis Experience In Belfast City Centre

Live Erotic Hypnosis Sessions – Belfast City Centre

If you’ve been searching for a good Belfast erotic hypnosis session, get excited now! Whether you’re a resident of Belfast City, live in the surrounding Irish counties, or will be visiting, this could be your opportunity to experience a live erotic hypnosis session with me, one of the top female erotic hypnotists.

Between December 16th and 18th, 2017I shall be available in a City Centre location for private Belfast erotic hypnosis sessions by appointment only, where it will just be you, I and your sub-conscious mind. It’s just a short stay! So you need to decide soon.

If you are a devotee of erotic hypnosis in Belfast, and find the idea of helpless mind submission beyond tempting, then it really is time to submit. Live, face to face, in person, real time erotic hypnosis by a hypnodomme who doesn’t need to read scripts but simply looks at you and begins to exploit your weak points that I identify to give you a wow-inducing erotic hypnosis experience.

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Erotic Hypnosis Live In Person – Expect the Unexpected

Perhaps you’ve listened to erotic hypnosis mp3s, or had an erotic hypnosis phone session via Niteflirt, but wondered what it would be like to be tranced in a live face to face erotic hypnosis session. My sessions cover a wide range of fantasy scenarios, from adult baby and incontinence, to orgasm control and feminisation, hypnotic butt plugs, invisible hands touching you, invisible lips giving you a blow job. There is also the fun stuff like Amnesia, personality amendments, genital theft, and life doll experiences.

Sun, Breasts and Hypnosis

Sun, Breasts and Hypnosis With Cleopatra

A live face to face erotic hypnosis session is the ultimate in sensual and erotic experiences. Most of my subjects will leave with positive reinforcements via agreed post hypnotic suggestions that last for weeks after the actual meeting.


Book The Type Of Erotic Hypnosis Session That Works for You

You can complete an application here for your live face to face session at this link

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And you can also check out some of my more recent video and audio creations including my Anal Fisting MP3, and Trance Training Videos.

My Videos are for sale on my Clips4sale store
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Belfast City Centre Erotic Hypnosis Session Fees

£200 for 1 hour
£280 for 90 minutes
£350 for 2 hours

Sessions are held day time only, between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm. The latest start time for a session is 8 pm. Sessions are by appointment only.

A deposit is mandatory for first time clients to confirm your booking. I’m happy to accept this via Amazon gift certificates or BACS.

(Existing clients are exempt from the deposit system)

If you’re new to erotic hypnosis, I strongly suggest you book two hours. Time really does whizz by when you are in a trance. Some people also need a little longer than others to really condition them for what is usually a new experience. Every single one of my one hour clients has emerged from the trance, convinced that only 5 minutes have passed by and deeply regretting that they hadn’t booked a longer session.

Deposits are refundable if I cancel. Only bookings with deposits can be treated as confirmed bookings. Unconfirmed bookings can be cancelled at any time in favour of a confirmed booking or any other matters arising.

If I have sessioned live face to face with you before anywhere in the world, I will treat your booking request as a confirmed booking. Loyalty pays, doesn’t it?


Live Erotic Hypnosis In Belfast, Book Your Face To Face Session

To book your erotic hypnosis session while I am in Belfast, visit my Erotic Hypnosis Tour page and submit the application form. Sessions for erotic hypnosis are available on a first come, first served basis, as spaces are quite limited.

My live erotic hypnosis sessions will be available in Belfast from December 16th to December 18th, 2016.

In case you weren’t aware, I, Cleopatra am a female erotic hypnotist specialising in Erotic Hypnosis, Mind Control, and Brain Washing in London, UK where I offer live, in person sessions of real, one to one hypnosis, a unique experience for those that wish to experience complete loss of control.

I also perform group hypnosis and stage hypnosis shows, as well as sessions via web cam, and phone. And if you can handle having your mind in a dreamy spin for days on end, invite me along as your articulate, fun and hypnotic travel companion on your next holiday break.

I regularly visits major US cities, Australia and Europe where I extend the opportunity for a live face to face session with me.

See samples of my warm hypnotic style on my Youtube Channel,

And you can buy my unique POV (Point of View) erotic hypnosis videos at

I trance male and females via phone at Niteflirt

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Cleopatra, Your Queen of Erotic Hypnosis

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