Is It Possible To Turn A Grown Male Back To Be a Baby With Erotic Hypnosis?

Is it Possible to turn a grown male back to be a baby with erotic hypnosis?

I get a lot of questions about the possibilities of erotic hypnosis. I figured it’s best that questions like this are answered publicly rather than through private correspondence that no one else benefits from. And I know a few of you would have this question on your mind.

Yes, it is possible to hypnotise anyone into being an adult baby.

It can either be to give them direct suggestions to be like a baby. Mannerisms, voice, expression, even perception. Incontinence.

Or it could be to use age regression to take them back to a previous age. Although age regression is not something I’d feel comfortable doing remotely (e.g. via phone or Skype). I’ll expand on this a little more below.

Whichever method is used, it helps to pick a specific age. Maybe a baby of 2 months, or a baby of 12 months. A toddler of 2 years or a toddler of 4 years. Being specific gives better results. The more specific, the better the results and the more gratifying the experience for the subject.

As I said, age regression needs more caution. Age regression can and will take a person back to where they have been before. Not every one has had an idyllic childhood, and not every baby has received the tender loving care they need.

So, when taking a person back in time, this may include negative memories or events and a risk of repeating any distress experienced the first time. For this reason, my preference for age regression is to be there in person in case an unpleasant memory is encountered. Witnessing this would be just as awful for the hypnotist if separated by a computer screen.

The next question is, for how long would the baby state suggestions last?

Again as agreed between subject and hypnotist. Most times, being locked in a baby state is not practical. Who’s going to look after the baby. And there’s also the business of living to get on with. The conscious mind would probably surface back to the prominence and return things to normal, in an enough is enough kind of way.

I typically give my clients a trigger to bring about the baby state. They can activate it or get someone they trust to activate it.

I had a client who used to go to Thailand to an Adult Baby Nursery. He’d check in, change into his baby clothes, then activate the trigger.

The staff at the Adult Baby nursery didn’t know about the hypnosis and the trigger was so subtle an onlooker would have had no idea what he was doing.

But every one there marvelled at his convincing baby act. He was the best behaved baby and most convincing of all the adult babies there.

From my understanding, he was in the baby state for hours, if not days.

If you have a question about erotic hypnosis, do contact me. I can’t get into individual correspondence with every one (the exceptions are my clients where usual confidentiality applies). But I can share my response to your question and then more like you can be enlightened and ready for your next trance!

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