Hypnosis Programming To Pay Money To A Findomme

Naturally, many potential subjects of hypnosis have the worry that while deep asleep in trance, they may be given suggestions to give away their money. So, what’s the deal?

Of course, I have the power to make you do, think or say pretty much anything. And that would include programming a subject to want to pay me more.

However, this is something I will never do without the consent of that subject.

For someone with no interest in financial domination at all, they enter into the trance with a powerful hypnotist with trust. Trust that you will not take advantage of their vulnerability while in hypnosis. The idea of money being tricked out of their possession is not just a turn-off, but a collosal disappointment. It is very important to me that my subjects, when they open their eyes, and maybe go check their paypal or Amazon accounts, can have the satisfaction of knowing that I didnt take advantage of them. And that is why they come back for more hypnosis sessions again and again.

The question is, why would I want a financial tribute from a reluctant subject when there are so many willing money pigs out there?

For a man or woman with a financial domination fetish it would be an incredible turn on to wake up from a trance to realise they have parted with money or made a purchase that they were not consciously aware of. There is intense gratification to have this experience which is the epitome of helplessness.

But to make it clear, I will not be programming you to pay more until you beg me to do so!

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