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Lunch Hour Orgasm With Erotic Hypnosis Your Crystal Surrender Release

Erotic Hypnosis So Deep That You Orgasm In A Car Park And Just Don’t Care

Imagine, you find yourself craving to watch one of my erotic hypnosis videos or to listen to one of my erotic hypnosis audio mp3s.

With little time on your hands, you don’t go far … somewhere private … yet public

Perhaps you weren’t expecting too much because it’s your first time of attempting to see if hypnosis works for you.

Or perhaps you’ve been hypnotized by me before … but you’re sure you’ll be in control.

Erotic Hypnosis Video Your Crystal Surrender

Queen Cleopatra Findom Erotic Hypnosis Your Crystal Surrender

One of my live session pets purchased Your Crystal Surrender. Your Crystal Surrender is about 30 minutes of mind and body control that includes orgasm control.

This was his comment:

“Just finishing my lunch hour, I couldn’t resist listening to “your crystal surrender” I have just had the most wonderful orgasm in the car park. I don’t think anyone was watching but I was too deep to care. I really can’t resist you!”

Of course, if you’ve had a taste of my live sessions, watching me on video makes a repeat session irresistible.

There are three different options if you are ready to purchase Your Cyrstal Surrender from the following links below.  Unless you want to purchase direct from me :


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I pressed him to share more about his experience and below are the few words he could string together to describe an experience that feels hazy and wonderful.

“My review of Your Crystal Surrender.

It is always a very arousing thought but listening to this is very intense and quite incredibly sensual.

I love the feeling of total relaxation and complete surrender as I drift deeper and deeper under your control. The count down takes me into a blissful state of Sleeeep and I am unable to do anything except obey your commands.

The fabulous feelings of arousal and the sensations if being so horny grow to an amazing level and the climax is a huge orgasm on your command after struggling to hold back but being unable to cum without your say so.

I experienced all this in my lunch hour and it was amazing. I can’t wait to come and see you and “SLEEEEP NOW” I want to surrender completely to you. Thank you lovely lady.”

And remember, you can, like the author of this Erotic Hypnosis Video review, book your appointment for your own, personalised live face to face erotic hypnosis session.

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Cleopatra, Your Queen of Erotic Hypnosis

Mindless Robots, Horny Mannequins, and Limp Rag Doll Erotic Hypnosis

Mindless Robots, Horny Mannequins, and Limp Rad Doll Erotic Hypnosis

It would be nice if every one that had a session with me gave me some feedback afterwards. Especially for the erotic hypnosis sessions done via Skype or phone.

Sometimes a past hypnotic subject pops up for another session a week or two later, and confesses that they can’t really remember specifics of the previous session. I guess in that situation asking them to recount would be futile!

But this dear chap wrote to me within an hour of his session. He’d asked if at some point in the session, I could place a trigger that would replace his normal persona with a mindless one with no identity.

I figured this would be perfect for one of my mindless i robot triggers. I also gave him a suggestion where his water was spiked (the water was fetched by his robot persona so when he came out of a trance and there was a glass of water in front of him, he was genuinely surprised.

But he was also incredibly thirsty, as per my suggestion. Drinking the spiked water would make the room he was in spin around before he fell back, limp and mindless, like a rag doll. Then there was a suggestion to restore his mind but let him remain limp, like Woody in the cartoon Toy Story. He’d be lying limp and crumpled, staring, but with a mind. Until I used the trigger that let his body resume normal function.

I also gave him a mannequin trigger which is programmed to take hold gradually so he feels his body beginning to stiffen gradually from one point to another.


And while he was in mannequin mode, I got him to receive an imaginary blow job that he could feel happening, even though he was frozen, and counted him to a suck off ejaculation. As he got permission to ejaculate, I returned his normal body function to him so he roared as he came.

Pretty cool! And all this achieved within 32 minutes. But then, we’ve done about 6 or 7 sessions, so he has an instant sleep trigger which means I can get to work quite quickly hacking his hypnotised mind.

And normally, I do sessions like this every day, but never hear back from the subjects, then wonder if it really was as hot as it sounded.

Now, he did get back in touch within the hour to give his feedback. And this is his account of the session.

dear Mistress,

O/our latest session was amazing. some of the memories are coming back to me from it.

i don’t remember exactly what i did as a minion robot, but i remember being aroused by the experience. after i hung up the phone, i saw the shoe row and it hit me what i did as a robot. that made me even hotter the rag-doll was a bit was freaky, but fun. i’ve also had a longing to be a manequin.

i think the best fun was being the robot minion. maybe Y/you could make the robot tell You that (name withheld) doesn’t exist and there is only the robot minion.

an idea for next time, Mistress. that’s all it is.

Your minion,

(Name withheld)

My doors are open to receive more minions that I can transform into mindless robots, frozen mannequins, or limp rag dolls, all programmed to climax while in the midst of their hypnotic predicament.

Are you ready to be my next programmed mindless, drooling minion? A hypnotist can never have too many of them serving her.

Book your session here now.


The Ever Present Question of Guaranteed Hypnosis Results

This is a question that makes sense to ask, whether you like the answer or not.  I don’t mind being asked.

The answer is no, there are no guarantees with whether or not erotic hypnosis will work or not.

And certainly no money-back guarantee. I’ve given you my time and skills as an erotic hypnotist. I can’t be held accountable for what else may be getting in the way of either comprehension, or unconscious obstruction.

I agree that there is NO SUCH THING as a bad subject. Only a bad hypnotist. But there are situations where no amount of hypnotic skill can coax out a hesitant unconscious or a nosy conscious.  Thankfully, erotic hypnosis subjects are usually quite motivated for the hypnosis to work.  Especially when they are paying.  Charging helps to weed out the ones only motivated to deliberately resist.  Like hand-wrestling junkies.

It isn’t the subject’s fault when the hypnosis doesn’t seem to work. Unless they are counter-responding to everything the hypnotist says. For example, if I had a dollar for every subject on my couch who completely stops blinking as soon as I even hint at their eyes wanting to close …

And why? Because they’ve heard the erotic hypnotist say your eyes are closing now, or notice now how your eye lids are feeling heavy, or you feel sleepy. And in fairness, they can close their eyes at any time. They’re on the couch, they think, to have hypnosis make them do it. Not to just do it.

So they stop blinking. Completely. A little bitty tell-tale tear strolling down their cheek, because that is what happens when you fight the blinking response.

At this point the subject is following a suggestion of their own. ‘I will not blink. The hypnosis has to make me blink. I want to feel the hypnosis make me blink’.

Perhaps unaware that if not blinking is that important to them, then it becomes something that they cannot be forced to do against their will. No one can be forced to do anything against their will in hypnosis.

A hypnotic process is happening. Just not the one that either hypnotist or subject set out for. Cross purposes.

When I see this happen, I do an unconscious hijack to regain control. But if I told you what that is, you’d be ready for me next time you tried to resist. 😉

But just because a person’s eyes are or are not closing does not mean the hypnosis is not working. But I gave this as an example of when things don’t seem to be working. It threw me as a fledgling hypnotist 10 years ago.

The more hidden obstacle to a trance’s success are normally legacy unconscious stuff. Bad experiences. A desire by the unconscious protector to prevent a repeat of an earlier distressing experience that may not even have anything to do with the current hypnotic experience.

Someone came to me for a live erotic hypnosis session here in London. He’d done a few web cam erotic hypnosis sessions with me over the years, then gone quiet, and resurfaced as he was to be in London and this was his chance to take things further with erotic hypnosis. All he wanted was to be able to let go and experience erotic hypnosis orgasm control. One of the easiest things to achieve in erotic hypnosis.

It was clear after the first hour that while he was responding to sleep triggers and body catalepsy, etc, the fun bits weren’t happening. It almost felt like there was something else in the room. He seemed a bit too self-conscious.

I switched to probing mode, asking questions, and very quickly, there was an admission of an incident from when he was in school (school has so much to answer for). It had been probably a good 20 years ago, but the anguish still as present in 2016 as when it first happened.

I have no idea what it was. I never need to know these details. A hypnotist does not learn any more about you than you are prepared to disclose, unlike what you hear about on TV. We worked on it, helped him achieve a sense of detachment from the event. Soon he had a more relaxed smile than any he’d displayed. Not that he hadn’t smiled. But this one was different.

And I felt, at last, like he and I were the only ones in the room.

His hypnotic orgasms flowed thick and fast in the short time we had left for the live erotic hypnosis session. But he did leave floating on cloud nine.  Or is it Cloud Seven?  At last he’d achieved that sense of being controlled that he’d relished, yet been afraid to submit to previously.

Erotic Hypnosis has no guarantees. But if you give it enough time and are prepared to open up, and if the hypnotist knows what to look out for, and to ask, then your mileage may start to go further by the gallon.

The Almost Too Silent Orgasm

Have you ever been in the situation where you wanted to have really loud sex, but because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time you can’t make all the noise you want, and have to be super-quiet.  Which isn’t easy when it feels amazing.

This has been the case in a couple of recent calls I’ve made on Niteflirt.   The first time it happened, I was barely able to hear this guy on the other end of the line.  I kept on asking him to repeat himself.   I was actually beginning to feel a little frustrated.

It suddenly dawned on me what his dilemma was. “Are you alone?” I asked.

“Yes,” he confirmed.

He had roommates.  Now it all made sense to me!   So I gave him a post hypnotic suggestion to cum quietly.  But this got me thinking about the dilemma of having a powerful dry orgasm, but not be able to express yourself.

Maybe it was just a coincidence or another man with similar constraints saw my tweet about this matter and connected with me for a Niteflirt call.  But he explained straightaway that hw was in the office, even though it was a Saturday.  There was a chance that at any point in time, someone may come into the office, and he didn’t want to be found half asleep in trance with his dick out of his pants.  It would also not be a good idea for him to moan too loudly while cumming.  If you’ve never had a dry orgasm, you won’t appreciate how powerful they feel.

“Fine,” I said, “they well just have to go for dry and silent orgasms, like that painting by Munch, The (Silent) Scream.  Cumming really hard but making not a sound so it would be, just between the two of us.  Our little orgasmic secret.

I gave his unconscious mind the post hypnotic suggestion of Silent Orgasms with different volume variations from the situations where he would absolutely have to keep quiet to the super noisy dry orgasm, the kind that he might let loose if he were all alone in the desert.  Well, that will probably never happen.

In between trances we chatted casually about this and that until I casually unleashed the post hypnotic trigger for a silent orgasm on his unsuspecting mind.

I held the phone to my ear and listened to him panting and gasping.  I could imagine his mouth open wide and his body convulsing and twitching as he came without ejaculating.

Then everything went very quiet, so I presumed the dry orgasm must have run its natural course.  But as I went on talking to him, I noticed the silence from his end was very, very deep.  No breathing, just absolute stillness.

I asked him to speak to me as he returned to conscious awareness but there was no sound, nothing.  I called his name, coaxed him, pleaded with him, and commanded him.


Then I began to imagine the worst case scenario.  Something had happened to him.  Even though at the beginning of each call, I always make sure that the caller confirm that wherever they are lying or sitting is safe and comfortable.  Because sometimes when you are so deep in hypnosis, there’s a chance one can slip away, both metaphorically and literally.  And I didn’t want him to slip to the floor and hurt himself whilst in hypnosis, bearing in mind also that he was all alone.

So imagine my rising panic as I was getting no response from this man.  Had it been a live erotic hypnosis session, like the one I’m having tomorrow, I would have been able see exactly what was happening.  Provide him with hypnotic mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, if necessary.

But here I was in the United Kingdom, and there he was in the United States.  And all I had between us was an absolutely silent line.  And there was a moral dilemma as the meter was literally ticking away on the call.

I needed to know that he was safe, but at the same time it was clear I wasn’t really getting any answers.  All I could do was hang up the phone and hope that if he had fainted, or worse, somebody would come into his office sooner rather than later and come to his assistance, or at least his dignity.

At least, one cannot get stuck in hypnosis.  I knew he wasn’t stuck in trance.

Fortunately not long after I received a message from him, saying that he could hear me, I just couldn’t hear him.  So I need not have worried!  He confirmed he had enjoyed the trance and found my instructions perfect, given his special circumstances. And he had definitely had the dry orgasm, as directed!

A Naked Sceptic Submits To Erotic Hypnosis

I had a new client recently who was happy to have the camera rolling to capture his session.  New to hypnosis as well, although with a submissive side that he’d was willing to explore more.  One of his identified kinks was CFNM. Clothed Female and Naked Male.  I asked him about his previous experiences of being naked in front of a fully clothed female.

What surprised me about his answer was how ordinary experiences of being naked in front of a clothed female were always in professional settings. But he recounted each one faithfully because each occasion was so tantalisingly close.  Being naked for a medical check up; a photo shoot with a female photographer – albeit marred slightly when she asked him to hold a pair of gloves up in front of his genitals, to make the photos tasteful.

“Now you get to be naked in front of a woman that knows exactly how turned on you feel to be naked in front of a fully clothed woman,” I assured him.  He smiled and nodded.  But I didn’t ask him to strip naked. Oh goodness no.  Because that would be way too easy and not hypnotic.  I needed him to feel the role erotic hypnosis was going to play in this fantasy.

The session opened with a swinging pocket watch induction.   He relaxed, allowed himself to let go and was soon embarking on the first of the many trances he would experience.  Not that he seemed that impressed when he first came out of trance.  To be in trance feels so normal for some, not quite what one was expecting.  Almost dismissible.

I used a sleep trigger on him.  Any response was barely noticeable to the naked eye.  I must have blinked and missed it, which was more than could be said for my subject.  Not even a blink.  Indeed, his response had been a smile and:

“It didn’t work.”

“Do you really think so?” I had asked.  I’d been prepared for this.  And now I was glad the camera was filming.  Just because his eyes were still open and he wasn’t back in trance didn’t mean as much as he thought it meant.  Too many potentially good hypnotic subjects give up too soon on the power of hypnosis, not realising they were on the threshold of deep and convincing trance.   He admitted to feeling a little dizzy.  That was good enough for me.

I snapped my fingers again, as you’ll see in the video.  This time I observed almost imperceptible muscles in his eye-lids tremble for a split second.  No one can do that consciously.

“What just happened there?” I asked my sceptical subject.

“Well, my eyes feel strange,”

“Your eyes do feel strange, don’t they?” I repeated the trigger.  “Something is definitely happening there.”

With a bit of prompting, I showed him how the rest was in his hands.  I couldn’t force him into being hypnotised or responding to triggers.  Well, not in a manner of speaking, although watching the video, you’ll probably think I gave his subconscious mind little or no choice but to obey. Which is what most men want anyway.

He had a roll to play in making it happen, allowing it to happen.  I allowed and encouraged him to make himself comfortable.  Getting comfortable would allow his mind to be susceptible to hypnotic conditioning. Once I had his mind conditioned, I would demonstrate to him that you can be hypnotized anytime, anywhere.  Soon, his mind was conditioned enough for him to immediately submit to the trigger.  Sometimes he’d slip away with a faint smile on his face, as if he felt he was just playing along.  But before long, the smile would melt into a placid expression as his facial muscles relaxed and he’d take on an intense expression of focus as his mind processed my suggestions.  This took just over an hour.  And included making his arm and hand numb.  With varying success.  He could still feel his arm, he said.  But he agreed that he couldn’t feel me pinching him with my nails. But I was satisfied that we could move on to the fun part of the hypnosis.  Bringing your fantasies into the mix.

So now that we’d broached the subject of nudity, it was time for us to have fun.  With him in trance once more, I fed him the suggestions he needed.  How much he wanted to be naked.  How weird he felt in his clothes.  How his urge to be naked would border on agitation, yet he would have to wait for my permission to strip naked.  His face, his whole body, began to take on the signs of the agitation, the excitement as he lay there.  He was trembling while in trance.

And when I counted him back to awareness, he was so fidgety.  I dragged the moment, playfully.  Discussing things.  Leaving him alone in the room while I went out to get a throw for the sofa.  I went out to switch the heating on.  Returned mid-way to ask him how high he’d like the heating.  Only his politeness prevented him from screaming “I don’t fucking care, just let me get naked for you now!”

And when the permission to strip naked came, he was almost ripping his clothes off, flinging them to one side and savouring the liberty.

“Would you like me to close the curtains?” I asked.

Most of my subjects are so paranoid, even when fully clothed, that the curtains always have to be closed.   He shook his head.  He was facing the window.  He was naked.  In front of me.  In front of the world.  He clearly secretly hoped that someone else might be watching, him.  And his erection was rock hard.  He was the consummate exhibitionist, to boot.

I chided him and verbally humiliated him, which made him get harder.

I then used the sleep trigger and he stood there naked, doubled over, in trance.  This I liked.  Earlier, he had equated his being able to enter trance with his need to be comfortable.  It helps to be comfortable.  But a well planted sleep trigger will work any time, any where.  Ask my subjects who’ve woken up slumped in front of their computer monitors with the indentations from their key board on their cheeks.

When he came to, he obeyed his installed impulse to pleasure himself crying out for my permission for him to cum.

He later reckoned that even if I’d withheld the permission at that point, he couldn’t have held back.

I think his next session will be a lesson in repeated orgasm denial.  And he can experience that naked too. That will remind him who’s in control when he’s in my presence!

The full video is available over the next couple of days, now that I’m done with the editing, more or less.  And you can watch his transformation from hypnotic skeptic to naked man in trance and one of the lucky hypnotized ones.


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Cleopatra, Queen of Erotic Hypnosis in London, UK

Cleopatra is a female hypnotist specialising in Erotic Hypnosis, Mind Control, and Brain Washing in London, UK where she offers live, in person sessions of real, one to one hypnosis, a unique experience for those that wish to experience complete loss of control.

She also performs group hypnosis and stage hypnosis shows, as well as sessions via web cam, and phone. And if you can handle having your mind in a dreamy spin for days on end, invite Cleopatra along as your hypnotic travel companion on your next holiday break. Cleopatra regularly visits major US cities, Australia and Europe.

See samples of her warm hypnotic style on her LiveWebcam.TV Channel,

Purchase her unique erotic hypnosis videos at

I trance male and females at Niteflirt

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Be a Fly On The Wall of a Live Erotic Hypnosis Session Audio

His name is Peter. And while he’d benefited from hypnotherapy sessions with me for a few personal house-keeping issues, and although he was aware that I also apply my skills in hypnosis for sensual pleasure and surrender, he’d never experienced this.

When he decided that he was ready to take things to the next step, he arranged a mini-break in Europe, so he’d be totally relaxed and ready for what was to come.  This session took place while we were in Prague.  After a day of site seeing, shopping and dining, he was sufficiently rested from the hustle and bustle of London’s busy routine.   I couldn’t help noticing that he was still quite doubtful.  He found the stories in my blog and other stories of hypnotic domination that I’d shared with him over our meals together riveting.  But I could tell he really didn’t think that he, the downright pragmatist that he is, could be susceptible to something so obvious, especially if he knew it was going to happen.  I’d remind him how good he’d felt after our first hypnotherapy session.  And he admitted it had felt good and the high he felt had lasted for a couple of days afterwards.  But he doubted he was ever in a hypnotic state so deep that he could be made to do or feel things that he could easily resist or refuse.

So, here was the challenge.  Not for me.  People that thing they’ll goad a hypnotist into a session by throwing down the gauntlet of a challenge are so last century.   He wasn’t challenging me.  He just really didn’t think that he, a stoic English man of the old fashioned breed, could be influenced.  The challenge was for him.

There’s a lot of laughter in the session.  I like to break sessions with a bit of casual conversation, laced with post hypnotic triggers.

Things to note:

At about the 12th minute of the recording, you can hear his mumbled protests as he struggles with all his might to close his eyes (which he would later insist had closed by accident).

When I bring him around from trance the first time, he is astonished to know that he has gone under. Yet it had taken two attempts to get him to emerge from that first trance. He actually went under the first time within four minutes of the induction starting.

The poor bugger proved no match for my skills and was soon being woven in and out of full awareness and deep trance.  You can hear how relaxed and giddy his voice is after the second emerging.

I introduced a clicker as a post hypnotic trigger for him to have dry orgasms.  He actually currently does not experience normal ejaculation for medical reasons (retrograde ejaculation where the man’s semen is redirected inwards and leaves the body during urination, rather than a full on ejaculation).    So this is why you hear me refer to extra-dry orgasms.

I discovered that while he was writing with pleasure at this point, he was still holding back and was clearly resistant to the effects of the clicker.

“Take it,” you hear him say, “I mustn’t have that,” before exclaiming, “Oh my goodness!”

This was a man used to holding back on his pleasure and making sure the woman was satisfied.  To be laying there unable to do anything went against the grain for him.   I’m working on correcting that as well.  I suspect that feeling unworthy of pleasure is one of the reasons that he has had retrograde ejaculation all these years – the fact that there is a credible medical reason has just made him accept it.  I’ve been planting suggestions for this to be over-ridden and he’s reported sightings of pre-cum since our session, something he hadn’t had in many years and contrary to what he had been led to expect by his doctor.  I do expect that he will soon start to gush his load like a hose pipe once again.

I eventually put the clicker away to prove the point that I don’t need one – it is just a nice going away present that subjects can take home to re-live the pleasure of our sessions.  All I really need is my voice anyway.  And that he can’t make me put away!

Although he did all in his feeble power to fight the dry orgasms when they began to come in waves.  I suspect he’s never had that much pleasure in so short a time ever in his life.  You hear him, moan, whimper, and at one point, pant and gasp.  At one point, I’m sure I heard him purr like a cat and give little growls of pleasure!

We shall both remember that evening for many years to come.  A minor mishap interrupted the trance towards the end and we both ended up laughing so hard we expected complaints from the occupants of the adjoining room.  (the mishap and the laughter were edited out of the final version although I may use the laughter as a ring tone) that it called time naturally on the session. But we were both satisfied with the progress made.

Although when asked at the end, he commented that he wasn’t really sure what had happened and couldn’t believe he’d been put under several times.

And that’s why I’d suggested we record the session in the first place.  He now has a copy of the video to fill in the gaps of the parts he can’t remember.

And now you have a copy of the audio.  Edited yes.  But this is all you need to experience another lucky bastard’s experience of erotic hypnosis.

Listen to this sample.  I know many of you will experience hypnotic reactions as you listen.

Please note:  I do not attempt to undermine medical advice on retrograde ejaculation.  But in his case, I suspected, and have been proved right, that he does not have to exhibit this.

Hypnotic kisses are something I use in a session at MY DISCRETION.  Please don’t be delusional by assuming that booking a session with me means you’ll get kissed!

[media id=39]

Duration: 49 minutes; File Format: mp3  File Size: 22.5 MB  Price: $20

Cleopatra, Queen of Erotic Hypnosis in London, UK

Cleopatra is a female hypnotist specialising in Erotic Hypnosis, Mind Control, and Brain Washing in London, UK where she offers live, in person sessions of real, one to one hypnosis, a unique experience for those that wish to experience complete loss of control.

She also performs group hypnosis and stage hypnosis shows, as well as sessions via web cam, and phone. And if you can handle having your mind in a dreamy spin for days on end, invite Cleopatra along as your hypnotic travel companion on your next holiday break. Cleopatra regularly visits major US cities, Australia and Europe.

See samples of her warm hypnotic style on her Youtube Channel,

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Erotic Bubbles Erotic Hypnosis Videos is Now On Sale

A few months back, I told you about a video I recorded of myself doing erotic hypnosis in a bubble bath.  It took me by surprise because I hadn’t expected to experience the arousal I was invoking upon the listener.  Well, it was a pleasant surprise for me.   The other surprise for me was that there were woefully not as many bubbles in the bath as I had thought but I only realised this when watching the video playback!

What to do? I could have tried to stage it again, hoping I’d cum again, or just do what many women under pressure do: fake an orgasm.  So I decided to create a slight visual distraction to cover my modesty.  Those that have seen the end result actually say that the spiral tunnel through which one watches me soaking in the warm wter added to the hypnotic effects of the video.

You can see a preview of it, and buy it at my Clips4sale store. to share the warm, erotic experience with me, again and again.  It is currently available in .avi and .wmv versions.  The audio mp3 version of both Erotic Bubbles and Relaxing Bubbles is still available for purchase at .  Relaxing Bubbles, the video, will soon be released.

Cleopatra, London Queen of Erotic Hypnosis

The Aim of Man and Depth of Trance

I’d like to start the New Year with a light hearted observation.  I’m no brain scientist, but this is based on hastily collected research, borne out of keen post trance observation. Could there be a link between how carelessly a man splashes the toilet seat and surrounds when using the lavaotory, and what kind of trance subject he is, or could be?

This is how this hypothesis came to materialise.

It was a couple of months ago and I’d just finished a session with a subject who’d given me a run for my hypnotic skills. I’d started with the pocket watch. But my arms got tired before his eyes did. And as any hypnotist knows, if one method of trance induction yields little or no results, then go for another approach.

So I opted for a script designed to bore him into a stupour and he achieved a trance of sorts. He responded to this and that, but I could tell that this guy could have gone a whole lot deeper. And for a hands free hypno orgasm, one really does have to be able to let go. The deeper I can take a subject, the more I can control them. I only had about 90 per cent control of this guy, if that. Even right up to the end. Let’s just say, his finger prints were all over the crime scene by the time he did achieve his orgasm.

Before he left, he asked if he could use the “facilities” again He’d used it on his arrival, which is always a good idea, to ensure that one can relax totally without fear of loss of bladder control. I made a note to myself to check the toilet seat for splashes after he’d gone.

I despair at the behaviour of men which makes such checks necesssary. They stand there, they urinate with negligible aim, and seem to hit everything but the bowl interior. THEN THE FOOLS WALK AWAY FROM THE MESS THEY’VE MADE.

I pointed this out to one offender once.

“Why didn’t you wipe the toilet after you were through?” I asked with disgust.

“Ah,” he defended triumphantly, “But I raised the seat.”

Such logic leaves me speechless.  Raising the seat made it okay to sprinkle piss all over the porcelain bowl instead?

Now, he, like many that have left the seat a dripping wet slip and health hazard, is a very good trance subject. I click my fingers, he’s gone. I move him around from room to room and mess with his mind in any way I can ethically and legally come up with.. He is powerless to resist. He can let go.  But he makes a mess of the toilet seat when he goes to relieve himself. And this is not during hypnosis.

And back to the protagonist of this particular erotic hypnosis blog entry, when I did check the toilet after he’d left, it was spotless. He’d used it twice, andthe  seat was spotless. He’d either taken careful aim; or wiped up after himself. And I remember thinking to myself, that makes sense: the guy’s a control freak.

Hence he couldn’t let go enough to go into as deep a trance as possible. And to test this theory, I’ve started going back in my memory sorting the subjects that go into trance easily from the resistant subjects. The data is still being collected (not literally!!!) whenever I remember to check. But so far, there’s a pattern forming, and not just the one around the toilet seat!

Does this call for a hypnotic suggestion to all male subjects that they should either aim with precision, or wipe the bowl (before they wash their hands – yes guys, you are expected to wash your hands ever after “just a piss”.  AND WITH THE SOAP MADE HANDY).

Yes, only a female hypnotist would complain about things so trivial, right?


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No Benefit of Hypnotic Hindsight

Hindsight is a great tool if you can remember what has already happened.  If you can’t then you are doomed to repeat it.  Especially under the influence of erotic hypnosis.  From what I recall of the live in person hypnosis session referred to below, that took place a few months ago, there were no suggestions of amnesia.  But he was, by his own admission, so deeply conditioned to submit to me before we actually got to meet face to face, that it comes as no

Is My Erotic Hypnosis Fake?

There are two things I never fake: orgasms and hypnosis.  In either scenario I would feel very silly and sure someone was going to catch me out.  Neither will I post staged hypnotic stunts on Youtube or any where.  Hypnosis is too good and too real to fake.  My only regret is that I don’t always have subjects willing to share how amazing their sessions are.

A comment on one of former Youtube clips accuses the subject and/or me of faking the following clip.

This is the one where I freeze Kevin like a mannequin while he is demonstrating how to use dumb bells.   To me, and many that have watched it, one of the coolest things in the clips is how Kevin’s upper arm muscles become more pronounced as he strains to move.  Freezing was something Kevin really wanted to experience.  It made both our days when he responded so well to it.

So it’s kind of surprising that even with the bulging muscles showing up on the clip, a Youtube user (when this and my other clips were hosted on Youtube; now they’ve found a new home at DailyMotion) says they do not show any strain.

I also remember reaching out to grab the dumb-bells when I gave Kevin the sleep command.  The command seemed a good idea at the time, but in a split second, I realised he could hurt himself.  So I broke the fall of the dumb-bells by reaching out to grab them – almost sacrificing a finger nail in the process!

Kevin still writes to me and still feels incredibly turned on when he does so and when he gets my replies (laden with the triggers  I planted in him during that one session).  He had nothing to gain by pretending he had been hypnotized.   I wouldn’t understand why anyone that came to see me would pretend they had gone under.  And I’m also quite comfortable publishing any videos of my “failures” – because there is always so much to learn from failure (I believe David Elman believed passionately in this).   But then I don’t get many takers to be filmed so the odds of capturing a hypnotic blooper on camera are quite low.  But maybe when I get the incentive to go doing some instant induction street hypnosis.  I bet that gets me loads of learning material.  And I will share it.

And now for someone who did not, could not, would not fake his orgasms on camera.  I gave him a trigger in the form of a clicker.  Every time he heard the click, he got a dry orgasm, and the more he heard the clicks, the stronger the orgasms he experienced.  Then I gave him the clicker to hold himself.   This is a strange one, with the clicker.  The guys I’ve used it on have a love-hate relationships with the orgasms … after about the 10th dry orgasm, the pleasure is bordering on erotic torture.  And when you give a man a clicker, with the option to click it (after they’ve begged you not to click it any more), they always, always, can’t resist trying a click, to see if it works when they are holding it.  Well, it works a treat, they soon learn.

Now, if I could get my hands on the guy that thinks I am fake, and programme a response to my orgasmic clicker; then trigger him with dry orgasms every half an hour for three days, with no release for a full ejaculation; then when his balls ache so good (about day two) with the pressure of being constantly hard without the sweet bliss of release, maybe he’ll have enough strength to repeat to my face that he thinks I’m a fake.

The clicker was one of the things I learnt at the recent Erotic Hypnosis Workshop held by Brian David Philips at Redondo Beach, Los Angeles.  It was demonstrated live, like all the other techniques Brian taught us that day and I nursed extreme trance envy watching the volunteer respond to the clicks.  I couldn’t wait to try it on my subjects.  In fact, when I was editing the footage with Scott, someone I had previously programmed had dry orgasms every time he heard the clicker over the lap top speakers.

Scott clicked so many times on the clicker that he almost slid off the couch.  Then he broke into song: Frank Sinatra’s  Fly Me To The Moon.  Later, out of trance, he asked if he’d done any singing, and apologised for this.

He isn’t faking his orgasms.  And he isn’t faking his singing.  Some may find both painful, but compelling to observe.  Buy the complete version of the clip at my Clips4sale store at