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Lunch Hour Orgasm With Erotic Hypnosis Your Crystal Surrender Release

Erotic Hypnosis So Deep That You Orgasm In A Car Park And Just Don’t Care

Imagine, you find yourself craving to watch one of my erotic hypnosis videos or to listen to one of my erotic hypnosis audio mp3s.

With little time on your hands, you don’t go far … somewhere private … yet public

Perhaps you weren’t expecting too much because it’s your first time of attempting to see if hypnosis works for you.

Or perhaps you’ve been hypnotized by me before … but you’re sure you’ll be in control.

Erotic Hypnosis Video Your Crystal Surrender

Queen Cleopatra Findom Erotic Hypnosis Your Crystal Surrender

One of my live session pets purchased Your Crystal Surrender. Your Crystal Surrender is about 30 minutes of mind and body control that includes orgasm control.

This was his comment:

“Just finishing my lunch hour, I couldn’t resist listening to “your crystal surrender” I have just had the most wonderful orgasm in the car park. I don’t think anyone was watching but I was too deep to care. I really can’t resist you!”

Of course, if you’ve had a taste of my live sessions, watching me on video makes a repeat session irresistible.

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I pressed him to share more about his experience and below are the few words he could string together to describe an experience that feels hazy and wonderful.

“My review of Your Crystal Surrender.

It is always a very arousing thought but listening to this is very intense and quite incredibly sensual.

I love the feeling of total relaxation and complete surrender as I drift deeper and deeper under your control. The count down takes me into a blissful state of Sleeeep and I am unable to do anything except obey your commands.

The fabulous feelings of arousal and the sensations if being so horny grow to an amazing level and the climax is a huge orgasm on your command after struggling to hold back but being unable to cum without your say so.

I experienced all this in my lunch hour and it was amazing. I can’t wait to come and see you and “SLEEEEP NOW” I want to surrender completely to you. Thank you lovely lady.”

And remember, you can, like the author of this Erotic Hypnosis Video review, book your appointment for your own, personalised live face to face erotic hypnosis session.

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Cleopatra, Your Queen of Erotic Hypnosis

Mindless Robots, Horny Mannequins, and Limp Rag Doll Erotic Hypnosis

Mindless Robots, Horny Mannequins, and Limp Rad Doll Erotic Hypnosis

It would be nice if every one that had a session with me gave me some feedback afterwards. Especially for the erotic hypnosis sessions done via Skype or phone.

Sometimes a past hypnotic subject pops up for another session a week or two later, and confesses that they can’t really remember specifics of the previous session. I guess in that situation asking them to recount would be futile!

But this dear chap wrote to me within an hour of his session. He’d asked if at some point in the session, I could place a trigger that would replace his normal persona with a mindless one with no identity.

I figured this would be perfect for one of my mindless i robot triggers. I also gave him a suggestion where his water was spiked (the water was fetched by his robot persona so when he came out of a trance and there was a glass of water in front of him, he was genuinely surprised.

But he was also incredibly thirsty, as per my suggestion. Drinking the spiked water would make the room he was in spin around before he fell back, limp and mindless, like a rag doll. Then there was a suggestion to restore his mind but let him remain limp, like Woody in the cartoon Toy Story. He’d be lying limp and crumpled, staring, but with a mind. Until I used the trigger that let his body resume normal function.

I also gave him a mannequin trigger which is programmed to take hold gradually so he feels his body beginning to stiffen gradually from one point to another.


And while he was in mannequin mode, I got him to receive an imaginary blow job that he could feel happening, even though he was frozen, and counted him to a suck off ejaculation. As he got permission to ejaculate, I returned his normal body function to him so he roared as he came.

Pretty cool! And all this achieved within 32 minutes. But then, we’ve done about 6 or 7 sessions, so he has an instant sleep trigger which means I can get to work quite quickly hacking his hypnotised mind.

And normally, I do sessions like this every day, but never hear back from the subjects, then wonder if it really was as hot as it sounded.

Now, he did get back in touch within the hour to give his feedback. And this is his account of the session.

dear Mistress,

O/our latest session was amazing. some of the memories are coming back to me from it.

i don’t remember exactly what i did as a minion robot, but i remember being aroused by the experience. after i hung up the phone, i saw the shoe row and it hit me what i did as a robot. that made me even hotter the rag-doll was a bit was freaky, but fun. i’ve also had a longing to be a manequin.

i think the best fun was being the robot minion. maybe Y/you could make the robot tell You that (name withheld) doesn’t exist and there is only the robot minion.

an idea for next time, Mistress. that’s all it is.

Your minion,

(Name withheld)

My doors are open to receive more minions that I can transform into mindless robots, frozen mannequins, or limp rag dolls, all programmed to climax while in the midst of their hypnotic predicament.

Are you ready to be my next programmed mindless, drooling minion? A hypnotist can never have too many of them serving her.

Book your session here now.


When Technology Freezes Good Post Hypnotic Suggestions

I had this guy hypnotized on Yahoo during a web cam show. And I had a post hypnotic trigger installed in him that he was not aware of. Basically, on hearing two clicks of my little clickers, he would freeze in the middle of what ever he was doing. Then I woke him up.

“Now, you do trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he nodded. He knows I have no interest in making people strip on web cam.

Good, I’m going to ask you to do something for me. Can you take your T-shirt off?” he nodded and began to take it off. But there was a swift movement he made towards his face first, that I couldn’t make out.

Just at that point when he had his arms stretched up and cocooned by the T-shirt, I let off the clicks. I expected to see him frozen with his arms stuck in the air and the T-shirt wrapped around his head and arms.

Nothing happened.

I squinted in disbelief. How could this be? Even allowing for a 2 second delay in the transmission of my sound (the clicks) and his programmed obedience, he should have been frozen by now.

With the T-shirt off, he sat waiting his next instructions. He also picked something up and his hands went back up to his ears …

Head phones! He’d (sensibly) taken off his headphones before taking off the t-shirt. So he hadn’t heard the triggers. I started laughing. He laughed uncertainly not sure what the joke was.

“Okay, can I ask you to do something else for me? Can you take your glasses off slowly …”

This time he heard the post hypnotic trigger and responded as his subconscious mind had been programmed to. His eyes glazed over and his arms stiffened with the glasses an inch or so away from his face. Then I melted him with one word so he was able to move again. He smiled. “That was awesome,” All the more so since, thanks to post hypnotic amnesia, he had not seen that coming.

To give him a chance to share the trigger with others in the freezing and mannequin play community that he is active with, I put him back under again and planted another trigger that would work when he read it. Like in Instant messages, and phone text messages, or in emails.

But just as I was counting him back, he lost his connection. I dialled him back and got a voice mail. He was clearly still in trance. I’d been counting on the sound of the ringer to wake him. Mischievously, I clicked my clicker twice. He’ll hear that one later.

Then I waited for him to call me back. But then I realised that if he was still asleep, waiting for the command to wake up, that call could b a long time in coming. It would come, but how long his subconscious mind chose to just chill would be anyone’s guess. Then it rang and I was relieved. It had only been a couple of minutes.

“What happened?” he asked.

“You seemed to lose your connection,” I offered.

“All I know is I woke up with my face buried in my mattress.”

Oh, he was asking what had happened before he lost the connection. Amnesia again.

Well, I can report that the additional triggers worked just as well. He was like a kid on Christmas day, stumbling upon yet another well concealed Christmas present, just when he thought there couldn’t possibly be any more.

And if you are one of his friends on the freeze play scene, he may share the trigger sequence with you and allow you to trigger him into freezing. Because he knows it is safe to do so.

Watch my sample Youtube clip to see me freezing a young man called Kevin.


YouTube Preview Image


Cleopatra, Queen of Erotic Hypnosis in London, UK

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