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Would you like to feel yourself succumbing to the sound of my voice in my free erotic hypnosis downloads. I know you want it and this is where you’ll find it. My voice in the free erotic hypnosis recordings guiding your mind gently into dreamy trances and inner fantasies that you may never have breathed to another living soul.

Post Hypnotic Triggers

If you want to test the post hypnotic triggers after listening to any of my erotic hypnosis recordings, contact me with a testimonial of what you have experienced already by listening to the recording.  Include in the testimonial: 1. Which recording you are writing about.  2. Your previous experience of listening to erotic hypnosis3.  How many times you have listened to it? 4. What you expected of it 5. What you have experienced so far.

Send this information via the contact form  and if your testimonial/report makes for interesting reading, then I will email you a link to a page of triggers that I have created. You can then revisit the pleasure again … and again … and again … sinking deeper … each time you hear my voice and craving more.

I welcome any suggestions you may have for unique recordings ideas. Your dreams are real in my presence.


Free  Erotic Hypnosis Recordings

You should NEVER listen to any hypnotic recording while driving or operating heavy machinery.

If there are any problems with the free erotic hypnosis downloads, let me know.


My pleasure is a a free erotic hypnosis recording mp3 that guides the listener (sorry, male in this case) through a hypnotic dry orgasm.

Download Free Erotic Hypnosis MP3 My Pleasure


Testimonial For My Pleasure

Godess I recently wrote and informed u of how a co-worker had triggered the “my pleasure” trigger for me and had to write to tell u about the follow up exspearance (sic) I had. After receiving ur replay u where (sic) in my thoughts when once again found my self working with the same women who had triggered the exspearance (sic) before. I thought I would test a theory and navigate her into a position of saying the trigger again, she said it and this time the exsperance (sic)was even stronger, she actually asked if everything was ok as looked flushed 🙂 it was so intense that I had to go to bathroom and listen to ur recording for permission to masturbate and cum. The orgasm was see (sic) intense it was amazing. Am writing this not long after the orgasm so am still existed (sic) about it. Would just like To thank you as I find the idea of u triggering me when I least exspect (sic) it so hot it is unbelievable. Have looked through blogs hoping to exsperance (sic) triggers but as yet no look (sic). Also like to tell u just how much stronger the exsperance (sic)  has been every time I listen to trigger, the next time I even see it written down or said I imagine I will just cum on the spot with no need to masturbate. So thank you so much for this exsperance (sic) goddess. Sorry about lenth (sic) of email but still quite existed (sic) and felt had to tell u all.


Remember Me is a Free Erotic Hypnosis mp3 for those that enjoy orgasm tease and denial.  It creates arousal, but without the fulfilment outcome, if you catch my drift!

Download Free Erotic Hypnosis MP3 Remember Me

Free Erotic Hypnosis MP3 Recording


Note:  Neither download contains enslavement or curses or any sneaky tricks or traps to entice you away from your chosen mistress.  I belong to the school of thought that if you like it enough, you’ll stick around for more.  And if you see something else that you like better, you’re free to explore, even after listening to and falling in love with my free erotic hypnosis download mp3s!


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