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Erotic Hypnosis Tour Information

This section is to outline the options for those of you not able to travel to see me in London (United Kingdom) for live, face to face erotic hypnosis.

I can travel to you, subject to travel and accommodation arrangements being made.   Travel within the United Kingdom is relatively easy to arrange.   My European passport also means easy travel within the EU and to the United States.  To other countries, visa arrangements may mean a little longer planning.


Erotic Hypnosis Experiences Shared

“Your Hypnotic sessions are amazing, im literally on the edge of cummin and it feels like pure arousal, i dnt understand hw it works mistress”

“Wow. I listened on tube. Sceptical about 2/3rd’s I fell out of my seat, and discovered my mouth was full if saliva. Forgot to swallow.

So relaxed and heavy. This is for real. OMG.

When i hit the floor, my mouth full of spit dribbled every where. People thought i was having a fit! Lol x

God yes. At one point i started visualising sitting on a greased dildo, just before you said I would start to imagine that. Sphincter twitch”

*After downloading and listening to my Anal Fisting Erotic Hypnosis mp3 download.*

As this section is to outline forthcoming tours, a tour being where I visit an area to perform private erotic hypnosis sessions there.


Erotic Hypnosis Tour Dates Coming Up

  • Dublin City Centre, Republic of Ireland, November 27th – 29th, 2017
  • New York – 2018.  Contact me for advanced updates
  • Dubai – 2018.  Contact me for advanced updates
  • Bahrain – 2018.  Contact me for advanced updates
  • Funchal, Madeira – 2018.  Contact me for advanced updates

Click this link for current tribute fees here for current tribute fees.

Confirmed erotic hypnosis tour bookings give me the opportunity to prepare and bring along with me more of my special hypnotic gadgets like pocket watch, crystals.  You will not be able to book me last minute as all my enquiries are handled via a booking form (see below) not by phone.  You only receive my contact phone number AFTER you’ve sent the deposit.

Worried about making an anonymous deposit without being found out.  Read how to get around this here.

Confirm that you understand that my service does not involve physical sexual contact or nudity*
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In which town or city do you hope to see me?*
What is your gender?*
Sexual Orientation:
How old were you when you first heard of hypnosis?*:*
Have you experiejnced hypnosis before?:*
How did you first become aware of Erotic Hypnosis?*:*
Have you experienced erotic hypnosis:*
If you have experienced erotic hypnosis, please give details*:
What are you hoping to experience in a session of erotic hypnosis? *:*
Describe any limits or no-go areas you have. This can be plain preference or health related.*:
Describe a thought or memory that makes you feel warm, happy and generally positive.:
When is the earliest date that you are available for a session (please use day/month/year - dd/mm/yyyy)*:*
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