Where Have You Been?

Queen Cleopatra Where Have You Been

by The Overmind.

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Queen Cleopatra: Where Have You Been? – By The OverMind © 2008


This material is for adults only; it contains explicit sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships. If you are offended by this type of material or you are under legal age in your area, do NOT continue. These are the fictional adventures of the hypnotic erotic Queen Cleopatra. To see what she can really do, visit”www.queencleopatra.co.uk, but be careful; you may never leave!

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Queen Cleopatra: Where Have You Been?

Let the eye of mind play on the gentle sunset of a spring day, as the sun drops behind the rolling hill of some erstwhile suburban cul-de-sac. The leaves are rustling in the wind as it shuffles and dances up and down the street. Off to the right, a movement catches your mind’s eye. A powerful, but sleek black car moves into view, the orange rays of the dying day playing off the shiny bonnet. See as it slows to a halt outside the largest house in view. A man steps out of the car, resplendent in his Italian suit and his Italian shoes. He walks purposefully towards the door; the look in his eye suggests that he is master of his own destiny, in command of whatever life may throw at him. His large hand grasps the door handle roughly, as he unlocks the door with his other hand. He powerfully opens the door and…

“AND WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” Linda shouted, as Mike came in through the front door.

“Out at my life coach.” Mike said.



“Well, I don’t see any change.”

“Maybe you’re not looking hard enough…I feel better!”


“I really do!!”

“You and your hokey life coach!”

“I don’t have to listen to this…” and with that Mike walked back out of the door.

“Good riddance!”

It had been like this now for a good three months. Mike had started seeing a ‘life coach’, obviously a charlatan thought Linda, after complaining about being stressed out. Linda had a low opinion of any opinion except her own. Ok, so it seemed that Mike was now happier in his job, and this meant he was now in line for a bonus, but how much more would he be earning if he wasn’t seeing this person? This obviously had to stop.

Later, when Mike came back with a large bunch of flowers, Linda smiled and accepted them, vowing to stop this waste of money once and for all.

Linda didn’t work any more. She used to have a job though. She used to be a top-notch lawyer for the corporation that Mike worked for. They had met the usual stupid work-related way at the Christmas party, where invariably the aim of the game was to a) get drunk, b) get lucky, or c) get fired. Linda had managed to do the first two and if it wasn’t for Mike’s peculiar sense of humour, she would have achieved all three by vomiting over the then Junior Assistant Director of European Sales (East), whilst singing an off-key rendition of ‘I will always love you’.

After this inauspicious start, the two quickly embarked on a whirlwind romance, where no cliché was spared. Only a year after meeting, the two were married and enjoyed it for a while. Then Mike got a promotion, a big one. Big job title, big salary, big responsibilities and big stress, all of which was added to by Linda deciding that her place was in the home (a brand new, four bedroom one with outdoor swimming pool, and underfloor heating). Mike’s stress then increased as he got promoted again, and again, and again. And then the credit crunch happened.

Of course, most of this was lost on Linda, who was more concerned with whether the blue drapes matched the turquoise carpet, or whether the second bedroom needed to be redecorated (again). It wasn’t that she didn’t love him anymore; far from it, her love had got twisted into a somewhat warped need to protect Mike. This found outlet as a pathological jealousy towards other women, or anger towards Mike for letting himself be used.

The upshot of it was that Mike was stressed out at work, stressed out at home, and close to collapse. He became distant and remote from Linda, who didn’t really mind as it meant that she could spend more time looking a kitchen catalogues. Breaking point for Mike came on the golf course; 13th Hole, par 4, dogleg to the right.

“What’s the matter?” Asked John, as he stood over Mike who was curled in the foetal position, sobbing over the fact that he’d just chipped into the rough.

“Nothing,” sobbed Mike.

“Well, it must be something; you don’t usually react like this to spooning your ball.” John was one of Mike’s longest known friends at work. John was a good friend; a bit of a flirt although he’d turned that down a bit lately.


“Come a problem shared is twice the problem…or something like that.”

“Well…” And Mike started to recount the last three paragraphs of pain and anguish.

“Look, I might just be able to help.” John fished around in his pockets for a minute, and produced a glossy black business card. “Here.”

“Cleo?” Said Mike, looking at it.

“Yeah, she’s a…” John looked thoughtful for a moment, “…life coach.”

“I’m not sure…”

“Trust me. When you call her, tell her that I recommended her to you.”


“Come on Mike. What have you got to lose?” John said with a wink.

“Ok,” said Mike, looking down at the card, “I’ll do it.”

And after that first meeting with Cleo, or Cleopatra as she liked to be addressed, things started to look up. Mike felt better at his job; he coped with stress better, and felt more of an all round better person. He even got his sex drive back; not that this impressed Linda. The only metaphorical fly in the ointment was Linda’s reaction to his visits to see Cleopatra. She felt it was a waste of money and time, and why couldn’t he be helping her to pick out a new carpet for the second study?

A couple of days passed; they were quite boring, and didn’t hang around, unlike inconsiderate house-guests. Linda used this time wisely to look at Mike’s appointments and find out when he was going to meet this ‘life coach’. On the day of his next visit, Linda decided to follow him from work. She parked her car up a little way outside the building around about the time she thought that he was leaving. Around about the time he did leave she was too busy to notice as she was engaged in a shouting match with a local traffic warden. Obviously, this annoyed her even more, and she took out her aggressions on Mike when he came home. However, she came to the conclusion that her private detective skills left a lot to be desired.

The following week, she decided to go through his things again, on the look out for anything that would give her information about this ‘person’. As she was going through his address books again, a little black card with the words ‘CLEO’ and a phone number embossed on the front in gold letters fell onto the floor. She picked it up and turned it over. ‘Professional Life coach’ was written across the back. Finally, she thought, I’ll sort this out. The next day, she called the number.

“Hello Mike,” came a warm rich voice over the telephone line.

“Leave him alone!” shouted Linda.



“Excuse me??”


“Yes, I heard,” said the voice, slightly annoyed. “Who is this?”


“Ah, and what seems to be the problem?”


“Ah,” said the voice, “could you refrain from shouting, please?”


“BECAUSE OTHERWISE I WILL GO DEAF!!!” Shouted Cleopatra down the telephone line.

“I…Ok,” Linda’s anger subsided a bit.

“That’s better. Now, what is your problem.”

“I don’t want you to see my husband ever again.”

“That’s fine. I don’t see him. He sees me. Subtle difference.”

“I don’t want him to see you anymore.”

“That’s up to him.”

“No, it’s not. It’s up to me!!!”

“Look,” Cleopatra sighed, “I can see this is a problem. Why don’t you come over and discuss it with me.”

“No, I want you to stop seeing him.”

“Ok, fine. I’ll even refund his next sessions. Do you want me to send the cheque to him? Or do you want to collect it yourself.”

“Fine, I’ll collect it myself tomorrow” Said Linda, and wrote down the address.

Linda found herself in the center of London outside an imposing glass building. She pushed her way through the door and found herself in the marble lined reception. After searching around she found the appropriate lift to take her up to this Cleopatra (obviously a false name), and finish this once and for all. The trip in the lift was quick and she stepped out onto a narrow corridor and walked up to room 1143. She rang the bell and the door was opened almost instantly by an ebony-skinned woman in a very sharp black business suit and white blouse. She was what some men might call curvy or buxom, but not especially attractive in Linda’s eyes.

“Come in,” she said, smiling. Linda stepped through the doorway.

“Where is the money?” The door clicked behind Linda as it shut.

“I was hoping that we could have a chat first,” Cleopatra subtly started to pull a gold chain and pendent from out of the blouse cleavage.

“Just give me the cheque!”

“Oh okay,” Said Cleopatra, and pulled out a cheque book, wrote the cheque out and handed it to Linda.

“This had better be correct.” Linda checked the amount, as out of the corner of her eye she noticed Cleopatra applying some lipstick. Her surprise at this was forgotten as she saw the amount the cheque had been made out for. “How much!?”

“I don’t work cheap, Mrs Hunt.” Said Cleopatra, smiling a very cunning smile.

“I stopped this just in time then.” Linda turned and tried to open the door. It wouldn’t budge. She tried again and again; nothing. “There’s something wrong with your door.”

“There’s nothing wrong with it.” Her voice was too close to her. She turned.

“Wha?” Linda couldn’t finish the sentence as a hand clamped her face and Cleopatra moved forwarded, locking her lips with Linda’s. “Wha..” said Linda again before she passed out.

The sharp, pungent, flowery smell was the first thing Linda noticed when she awoke. Everything was dark, filled with shadows and a red glow everywhere. Her head hurt as she moved from side to side. An overwhelming dizziness welled up in her, and she went to wipe her brow only to find she couldn’t; her hands were restrained somehow. She looked down to see thin bands of metal around her wrists, attached to the leather upholstered chair. Her feet were similarly held in place. The flowery smell was overpowering now.

“Help!” She cried, rather ineffectually.

“That won’t do much good, the room is quite well sound-proofed.” Linda slowly turned her head to see Cleopatra approaching, smiling like a snake. She had changed; her hair was tied back and she seemed to be wearing nothing more than a shiny set of underwear, hardly concealing her voluptuous figure. Her skin had an oily sheen to it too.

“Why are you doing this?” Linda cried, as Cleopatra slunk closer.

“So we can have a little chat, of course.” She was right in front of Linda now, towering over her.

“Why?” The fear from Linda was quite palpable.

“You never asked what type of life coach I was,” said Cleopatra in honeyed tones, moving closer to Linda. “So, I’m giving you the opportunity now.”

“What?” Linda cowered the best she could as Cleopatra straddled her, placing little to no weight on Linda, but pressing herself against Linda’s chest and pelvis firmly.

“Ask me what type of life coach I am.” There was an edge in her voice now.

“Wha-what type of life coach are you?” Linda replied.

“I’m the type of life coach that coaches people into lives of slavery,” Cleopatra ran a hand down the side of Linda’s face; it reeked of the flowery smell, making Linda feel quite dizzy and faint, and whispered in her ear. “I’m a Hypnotist.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Oh, but you will.” With this she moved again, rubbing herself against Linda, who despite herself began to feel aroused. “You see I’m an Erotic and Evil Hypnotist.”

“What do you mean?”

“When one of my followers put Mike in touch with me, it didn’t take me long to turn him into my own personal slave-pet,” Cleopatra purred into Linda’s ear. “So much potential, so much imagination, such a nice person and yet you had completely broken his spirit.”


“Yes…He couldn’t even get it up any more. Well, I soon saw to that. Got rid of that angst, and pity, and self-loathing. I even restored his sex drive, not that you noticed.”

“But I…”

“But you were too concerned about the drapes…I know.” She stroked Linda’s face once more. “And all it cost him was his will. He gave that to me and now he’s completely devoted to me, his Queen.”

“This is not happening,” sobbed Linda.

“Oh, but it is…” smiled Cleopatra. “Why didn’t you want to fuck him any more? I mean his cock is quite nice, and he is sooo considerate. Is it you? Are you frigid perhaps? Or just too obsessed with curtains? Mike tells me that you used to be quite the minx. Of course he tells me everything. He can’t help himself.”


“It was very ungrateful to try and stop us from meeting. I was willing to share him with you. He was happy and more productive than ever and you still tried to stop this. I think you have…issues.”

“Please let me go…”

“Oh no. You need me to help you overcome your issues. You need me to help you understand what Mike is going through. You need to feel the joy of submission, deep hypnotic submission. You want to have me unlock the truly submissive, sexual you. You’re already craving the idea of my hypnotising you into complete and utter servitude to me, your Queen. Your Hypno Queen Cleopatra.”

“NOOO!!!” Linda screwed her eyes shut as fast she could. “I won’t let you!”

“Such a silly girl,” Linda could feel Cleopatra’s warm breath by her ear. “It’s too late; you have already been drugged by my kiss, by my scent. You’re already wet and horny and ready to submit.”


“Of course you are.” Linda felt Cleopatra’s hands move up to her chest. “What do we have here?” Linda gasped in shock as she felt a hand brush her nipples through her blouse; first one, then the other.


“Mmmm, feels nice though,” Linda felt fingers begin to play with her nipple through the fabric of her blouse and bra. As the fingers traced circles around the nipple and the breast. Linda felt her body respond, with her nipples hardening and her wetness increasing.

“No…” Linda cursed her body’s betrayal.

“Yesss,” whispered Cleopatra. “Your body is already mine; see how it responds to my touch.”

“Unng…” Linda groaned as the titillation increased in intensity.

“It’s just your confused little mind.”

“Mmm…” Linda found it so hard to think as the arousal grew and grew.

“It was very clever of you to close your eyes…You knew that if you were to look, just a glimpse, you’d be lost in them…forever…lost in the dark black holes of my soul as they consumed you completely…my eyes would hypnotise you in a moment, a second…and then you know that you give in completely…serve me completely…obey me…obey your Queen…forever…Just one look would do that…”

“please…” Linda could barely concentrate on anything as Cleopatra’s fingers massaged her nipples ever harder.

“Once you look into my eyes…you are gone…and someone else would be there…Linda the fucktoy…Linda the slaveslut…Linda the hypnopet…at my feet, mindless and looking up in servitude…”


“You’re so close…You’re going to open your eyes, and be INSTANTLY hypnotised…Become a zombie for me, once you see my hypnotic eyes…my hypnotic eyes…my deep hypnotic eyes…” The honeyed words and the intense sensations in her breasts and in her groin were pushing Linda ever closer to total submission.

“…I can resist…” she said, hardly believing it herself.

“Of course you can…” Cleopatra whispered.

“I can…”

“Linda?” Cleopatra voice had changed to a more normal tone. “Linda?”

“Wha?” The nipple massage suddenly stopped.

“I’m sorry but this is for your own good,” and with that pain lanced through Linda’s chest as her nipples were violently twisted. Her eyes snapped open in pain and surprise. She found herself staring at Cleopatra’s evilly smiling face, and her deep, hypnotic eyes.

“Ooooh…” said Linda as she fell into the mesmeric stare. She didn’t flinch as Cleopatra placed her hands either side of her head, and her thumbs over each eyelid, pinning them open.

“Look into my eyes, Linda.” Cleopatra gently moved Linda’s head in small circles.

“Mmm?” Linda was held in the diamond drill stare. All she could do was look deeper and deeper and deeper…

“You are fixated on my eyesss…only my eyesss…watch as they fill your world…can’t look away…feel yourself slipping into them…” As Cleopatra spoke, she continued to move Linda’s head around and around. “You can almost see spinning spirals at the centre of each eye…drawing you in…round and round…”

“Spiral…” slurred Linda, convinced that she could see spinning hypnotic spirals at the centre of Cleopatra’s eyes.

“Look at my spiral eyesss…fall deep into my hypnotic ssspiral eyesss…” Cleopatra’s voice was now becoming heavy and seductive as the sibilant consonants extended like the hiss of a snake. “My ssspiral eyesss are removing your will…all you mussst do is trussst in me…trussst in me…trussst in me…”

“…trussst in you…” Linda slurred back, almost completely in Cleopatra’s thrall.

“You’re becoming a ssslave to my ssspiral eyes…” Cleopatra’s own began to bob in rhythm with Linda’s, like a Cobra hypnotising it’s prey. “Sssubmit to me…relax and forget…Sssubmit to my ssspiral eyesss…let yourself go…On the count of three you will drop into a deep, relaxing, arousssing sssleep…Count with me…One”






“SSSLEEP NOW!” At this Linda’s eyes rolled back into her head. Oblivion took her.

Oblivion and voices…

“…And Three…”

Linda woke with a start at the words. A red carpet with spiral patterns swam into view. Where was she? Why was there a chill in the air? What was she doing? Her eyes moved around; she saw her hands below her and then her knees, and then her breasts? Her naked breasts? She was naked? And kneeling. What happened to her? She could barely remember her name, her name…what was her name? She opened her mouth to say something…


What the hell? Why couldn’t she speak? Why couldn’t she move? What had happened? A movement caught her eye. A shiny pair of black boots came into view, and for a moment Linda wanted to lick and kiss them. Why had she thought that?

“Speak!” A wonderful, dominating voice said from above.

“What’s happening?” Linda sobbed.

“Look up.” Linda’s head suddenly moved of it’s own accord, and she found herself looking up at the ebony skinned body of a Goddess towering over her. Instantly, she knew what to say.

“What is your wish, My Queen?”

“Lick my boots clean.”

“As you command.” Linda said, as she started to lick the shiny leather boots, with every appearance of enjoyment and pleasure.

“Sleep now…” came the voice after a little while, and with it came oblivion.

Oblivion and voices…

“…And Three…”

Linda woke with a start at the words. A foaming sink full of plates stared back at her. In her rubber gloved hand was a plate. Why was she doing the washing? Why was she nude save for a pair of rubber gloves. She turned and found herself looking into the eyes of an ebony Goddess.

“Sleep now…” And her mind went blank, as the plate fell from her hand and smashed on the floor. Oblivion.

Oblivion and voices…

“…And Three…”

Linda woke with a start at the words. Her lips were pressed against leather. She moved back, aware but now not caring that she was naked, to see what it was she was kissing. It looked like…like…like a bottom, a rather sexy and shapely bottom. That was alright then.

“Fucktoy on…” And Linda’s mind went to a different place. One where she knew what she had to do. To obey, and to serve, and to fuck, and to suck, and to submit, and to…

“Fucktoy off.”

Linda woke with a start at the words. She hadn’t dropped off had she? Hopefully this nice woman hadn’t noticed. If she just pretended to have not heard, things could carry on as normal.

“Sorry, I didn’t catch what you just said,” said Linda.

“I said,” smiled Cleopatra, “it’s good we had this little chat. Feel free to come again.”

“Oh Fucking Hell! Yes!!!” Linda screamed as an enormous orgasm ripped through her body. She blinked and then promptly forgot all about it. “Yes, I’ll definitely do that.”

“Please feel free to let yourself out,” smiled Cleopatra.

“Of course,” said Linda as she started for the door obediently.

“See you soon,”

“Of course,” said Linda turning round to wave to Cleopatra. Linda turned back and tried to open the door. It wouldn’t budge. She tried again and again; nothing. “There’s something wrong with your door.” As she did, she felt a sudden feeling of déjà vu.

“There’s nothing wrong with it.” Cleopatra’s voice was too close to her. She turned. “Here, let me have a look.” Linda took a step back as Cleopatra moved to the door and bent over, thrusting her bottom upwards. “Here’s the problem; the bottom bolt was on. I’ll take it off.” Cleopatra seemed to take an inordinate amount of time loosening the bolt, her marvellous, perfect round arse swaying back and forth, back and forth…

“Mmm?” said Linda

“I said, ‘doors open’.” Cleopatra was now standing up and looking quite puzzled at Linda.

“Sorry, of course.” Linda exited the room quicker than she expected, tripping over on the doorstep as she did.

“Remember Linda, you’re always welcome to come again for me,” said Cleopatra, smiling as Linda’s knees buckled and swayed.

From that moment on, things looked up for Linda and Mike. Linda stopped hassling Mike about his trips to the life coach, and even joined him on occasion. Mike got promoted again, while Linda got a part-time job in the local advice bureau helping people with their legal issues. It was so enjoyable that Linda forgot her obsession with drape. The look of gratitude in these people’s eyes when she had solved some problem or other, well, it was the third best feeling in the world. And the Sex! Oh God, the Sex! It was better than ever. So much fun, so experimental, so…sexy.

It was a Friday afternoon. Linda didn’t work Friday’s and Mike had decided to work from home. He’d naturally finished by lunchtime, so he helped Linda with her chores. This meant that by three, they were at a loose end.

“I’m bored,” said Linda, leaning over the back of the sofa, while Mike tried to read his golf magazine.

“Mmph,” he said, in a noncommittal way.

“I said, I’m bored,” said Linda, making the ‘bored’ last a full five seconds like a sulky teenager.

“I heard you the first time.”



“Don’t mess about Mike, you know.”

“Hmmph. It seems that it’s all that’s on your mind nowadays.”

“And yours,” said Linda with a smile. “Is that a problem?”

“Of course not.”


“You’ve gotta be bottom though.”

“Hey, no way! I was bottom last time!”

“And you’ll bottom this time,” said Mike with a smile. “Fucktoy on.”

“You bas-…” said Linda with a smile, as her eyes rolled back until only the whites showed. The smiled faded into a neutral expression, as the eyes rolled back down into a fixed glazed stare. “Linda Love Slave is at your command,” she said in an emotionless tone, making Mike’s cock go rock hard, her face not unlike that of a soulless doll.

“Lean on the sofa and expose yourself.”

“Yes Master,” said Linda, almost robotically flipping up her skirt, and showing her bare bottom. She had long since given up wearing knickers round the house, only using them when she had to go out. She methodically placed her hands on her buttocks and slowly pulled them apart, exposing her sex.

“Tell me what you are.” Mike had unzipped his jeans and had his member in his hand, ready to enter her.

“I’m a mindless fucktoy,” said Linda, as he entered her tightness.


“I’m a mindless fucktoy,” said Linda as he thrust deeper.


“I’m a mindless fucktoy…”

“…Fucktoy off.”

Linda woke with a start at the words. She noticed that she now seemed to have Mike’s semi-flaccid cock in her mouth. Her mouth tasted of Mike’s cum, which for some reason tasted of honey and wine. She savoured the taste as she ran her tongue round his glans, licking and sucking gently.

“Hey, I thought I said ‘Fucktoy off’,” Mike said with a smile.

“Mmmph,” said Linda

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

“I said, ‘I thought you liked me as your mindless fucktoy…” Linda said with a mischievous grin. “Say, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we do the same again, but I’ll be top this time.”

“I’d love to but we’ve got a guest tonight, remember?”

“Oh my God! How could I forget?”

“You’ve had a lot on your mind.”

“I’d have said the opposite,” Linda smiled.

“Anyway, we’ve got to prepare.”

A few hours later, Mike and Linda knelt prostrate on the floor of their living room. Around the room we’re numerous candles casting an archaic red glow throughout the room. The red light reflected off of the shiny rubber outfits both Mike and Linda were wearing. Linda’s breasts and Mike’s crotch dangled erotically through the outfits. Sat in front of them was a woman, but no ordinary woman; the cut of her black leather cat-suit, or her knee length boots, not to mention the fact she was sitting in a chair while Mike and Linda were prostrate on the floor indicated that this person was the dominant person in the room.

“Fucktoy on!” Said Queen Cleopatra, and smiled as the couple’s eyes rolled back until only the whites showed. Their faced changed into a neutral expression, as the eyes rolled back down into a fixed glazed stare. They looked up at their Queen, the perfect mindless slaves that they were.

“What is your command, My Queen?” they trilled in duet, in total and utter submission.

“Tell me about your neighbours,” said Queen Cleopatra, leaning forward.

“Yes My Queen…”


The End



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