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What you do on this page can set in motion a chain of Erotic Hypnosis events that will remain with you for eternity.

It may unleash your love affair of the exciting fetish, erotic hypnosis.

Cause you to day-dream happily about what else could be possible, and marvel at what you were able to achieve.

You must complete the questionnaire as a first step to securing a booking. It’s impossible to get an appointment without providing this information.


How To Experience Live Erotic Hypnosis In London

I use direct hypnotic suggestion, conversational hypnosis, and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to overcome any resistance and reinforce compliance. Your compliance.

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The enchanted time that we spend together will seem to be over in an instant, so powerful will be its impact on your mind. But the after effects will persist for a while and be reinforced each time we meet. I give safe and consensual post hypnotic triggers, where-ever possible. The questions that follow will shed light on your personality and experiences and help me to craft the hypnotic experience most suited to your tastes and desires.

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This application form gives me all that background I need to plan your session.  Your prior erotic hypnosis experience, if any, and what you would like to experience in hypnosis.  Before you commence, be clear that no sexual services are include.  But the hypnotic suggestions will help you to enjoy your sexual play with your own partners or mistress.

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