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Erotic Hypnosis Questions Answered by London Based Expert

Your Most Frequently Asked Erotic Hypnosis Questions

What makes erotic hypnosis different from other forms of hypnosis?
Erotic hypnosis is non-therapeutic hypnosis. The intended outcome of erotic hypnosis is to stimulate sensual response in the subject. Erotic hypnosis can either be sexual hypnosis, a vanilla approach also known as hypno sex, or be in the style of BDSM with emphasis on total control and domination of a submissive subject.
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Can you make me do things against my will?
Only if you want me to. You and the hypnotist have to have a common purpose and agreement. The hypnotist would have discovered from you, prior to the session, what you hope to experience. Although in a trance, you are aware of what is happening and can bring yourself out of hypnosis if you need to.
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Will I remember what happened during the session?
Most of the time you will remember parts, if not all, of the session. It may not all come to you immediately, but drips and drabs will return as you go about normal business, and the recollection should be pleasant. If a post-hypnotic trigger is planted, you may not be aware of it until you find yourself compelled to act upon it. Again, if the hypnotist has understood you and your desires, these post-hypnotic suggestions should be welcome ones. However, total amnesia is not impossible in certain circumstances, depending on the depth of the trance.
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Is sexual gratification part of the session?
Unless I give you permission or a command to, for example, masturbate or otherwise touch yourself, the answer is no. Do not ask me to perform or aid you in performing a sexual act.
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Are you a qualified hypnotist?
Yes I am. You are therefore in safe hands.
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Do you offer home visits?
As a rule of thumb, no. I can consider requests on a case by case basis, especially with disabled applicants.
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Do you have any taboo subjects?
It goes without saying that hypnotic fantasies depicting the exploitation of children or other vulnerable people and bestiality are absolutely off-limits, as also extreme body functions. If it is disgusting to the average person, it is likely to be disgusting to me. If you have doubts about any other scenario, outline it in the session application form.
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Do you offer phone sessions?
Yes, I do. Details are on this site.

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Do you have a phone number I can ring you on for a casual chat?
My appointments phone is for appointments only. For all other purposes check to see if I am online and taking calls by clicking the button below.
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Can I get an appointment for the same day that I apply?
Sessions are subject to availability.  You would be advised to apply at least two days in advance.  The more notice you provide, the greater the chance of securing a session for the day and time that is mutually convenient.session application form is mandatory for securing a session. If your application is successful, I will email my number to you.
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Do you film sessions or take photographs?
No filming or photographs are taken. On a discretionary basis, if a client brings their own camera and would like me to take a photograph, I may consider it.
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