Erotic Hypnosis Programmed This Subject For Deep Humiliation

While I specialise in the softer side of Erotic Hypnosis with mental seduction and multiple dry orgasms, I can also be a sensually sadistic erotic hynposis hypnodomme, as can be seen in this review submitted by one of my Skype subjects.


His words:


I’ve always been submissive to women, undoubtedly due to my very tiny cock.


This is not uncommon, quite normal, perhaps, to us tiny cock guys.
Being humiliated in my younger years by girls laughing at my cock time and time again, saying “get dressed, you need not even bother trying to fuck me with that useless dick”, yawning whilst I was on top of them and in one case, on the phone to her friend….all succeeded in doing their part to reinforce the premise that I was totally useless!
Why then would a submissive little dick need the services of the foremost Erotic Hypnotist in the United Kingdom (London) ….Queen Cleopatra?
The Answer is simple – to take the submissive nature I possess and turn me in to a complete submissive for all: male or female; gay; straight; or bi!
Did it work? Hell yes it did!
I received two (2) sessions with Queen Cleopatra over Skype and now I’m the most submissive bitch I could imagine. My gf from Manila (who obviously cuckolds me due to my tiny dick) is utterly delighted with the increase in regular payments via Western Union. Moreover, the sessions have enabled me to embrace my “short comings” to the extent that she now happily post humiliating comments and pics of me on Facebook for all to see and laugh at. Whilst most submissive’s would claim to enjoy humiliation, few I doubt would or could accept 250+ friends seeing you humiliated and shamed daily (or even hourly, as she has more load on her phone now due to the increased allowance!).
I now allow men to humiliate me too. Having a tiny dick makes you realise you are not a real man (Well, actually, Queen Cleopatra did that for me) and therefore must be prepared to submit to real men with real cocks (and yes, suck that real man’s cock, bitch).
Now I know I’m not a man it is much easier to accept being cuckolded by my gf. That is not to say I did not accept or enjoy this activity prior to my hypnosis, just that my sessions have reinforced my feelings of inadequacy to the extent that I now pay for my gf to go to Singapore a few weeks a year to find real men with real cocks (Previously we were both content for her to remain in Manila).
I still have a way to go and I still need more sessions (I need Queen Cleopatra to get me ready for being fucked like a bitch and then the ultimate gang rape).
However, in those two (2) Skype sessions my like has changed. Yea I’m poorer (My gf is richer), I’m cuckolded more, have submitted to discipline and humiliation from men and from 250+ Facebook friends who laugh at me, not with me. Finally, I’m ready to take it to the next level.
Queen Cleopatra, I thank you, my gf thanks you and I’m sure if they knew, those 250+ Facebook friends would be thanking you.
I love to tell you about the sessions but I don’t really remember much. It wasn’t like I came out the trance and I was a Superman version of submissive! It seemed to happen over time and what a great time it has been.
I’ll be back for more….will you?
PS Be careful what you wish for…..It may well come true with erotic hypnosis!

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Cleopatra, Your Queen of Erotic Hypnosis

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