Erotic Hypnosis From Queen Cleopatra – About Me

My name is Cleopatra and I am the London based queen of erotic hypnosis. As a certified and practicising hypnotherapist, you can rest assured that you are safe each time I lead you into trance. I am ready to hypnotise, entice and seduce you, to control you as you give your mind to me.

Erotic Hypnosis From Queen Cleopatra

Submission of your mind and body is the ultimate release for you and an exciting thrill for me. I hypnotise men, women, couples and private groups.

I can help you if you crave to be seduced, dominated, brain-washed, feminized, or just give up control for a while. Once you have enjoyed your first erotic hypnosis session with me, you may discover that you are counting the days until you can hear my voice, again, and again.

You may simply want to experience enhanced orgasms; delayed orgasms; multiple orgasms; denied orgasms; bring out your true feminine diva; return to the child-like dependency and helplessness of an adult baby, imagining yourself suckling at my full breasts. Or perhaps you need a hypnotic spanking; or a hypnotic chastity device, while my lips hold the key that is the post hypnotic trigger for release, or increased captivity.

In real life, over the phone, or by web cam, I have something to cater for most of your fantasies. That’s why you should arrange your session with me, today.

You will find a session application form here that you should complete diligently. My decision to grant you a live session is very much based on the information you provide there.

Note that I do not offer sexual services of any kind but am happy to plant positive suggestions and post hypnotic suggestions that can enhance your own personal sexual experiences. If I feel you are suitable for a session with me, then I will provide my contact telephone number, but not before. This has become necessary due to the number of time-wasters that just want to talk about erotic hypnosis.

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Cleopatra, Your Queen of Erotic Hypnosis