Erotic Hypnosis For Bladder Incontinence

I took a #niteflirt call today.  The young man had seen a contribution I’d made to a thread on a Fetish forum about bed-wetting and bladder incontinence.  I’ve had some considerable success with my clients in this area using hypnosis.   And I always tell my clients, no, there is no need to drink more than usual or hold it till it bursts out.  That isn’t true bladder incontinence.

As a result, this young man came to me.  I was surprised when he told me that he could remember slipping into his baby brother’s diaper (nappy) at the age of 5.  I always thought that adult baby and diaper fetish type desires came in adolescence.  Yet this guy was telling me how right it had felt at the age of 5.  And when he got his first bike in his teens, one of his first errands was to race to the shops with his new found independence and buy himself some diapers to wear.

But wearing them is one thing. Spontaneously wetting them is another.  And this is when would be bed wetters come to me.

This is something that can happen in one session.  And it can take several.  But it always happens in the end.  I determined from him that what he wanted was to have 24/7 irreversible bladder incontinence.  Some just want it at set times, or by a trigger.

We set about the session, as I felt I had enough information.  To cut a long story short (well, it took an hour and 15 minutes) he came out of the trance remembering nothing but feeling like he’d been in a very good sleep.  And he felt happy.  Then suddenly I heard a strange noise. We were talking, and he wet himself.  He just felt it happen without thinking about it.

And that is the definition of true bladder incontinence.  When you piss yourself without realising it. Or when it’s too late to stop.

Adult Baby Adult Incontinence

Bladder Incontience

He described his feelings as euphoric.  That’s a lovely word.  And he thanked me for finally helping him to be himself.  That was a touching thank you.  People that judge alternative life-style choices have no idea what it means to the person involved.  If they could be different, main-stream, then they would, as that would be easier than navigating prejudice.

My caller should have worn diapers before he made the call. He’d made the call not wearing diapers.  So, he’d wet his trousers, and the chair he was on.  But that didn’t dampen his spirits.  Pardon the pun!

For your Niteflirt erotic hypnosis incontinence fetish needs, catch me when I’m online.  Or better still, visit my site and book your live face to face sessions.

But remember to bring your nappy with you or I’ll send you off packing to the shops to get some!


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4 Responses to Erotic Hypnosis For Bladder Incontinence

  1. Paul says:

    Very interesting info on incontinence – I have always been curious about it ( the diapers came later – as a waybto make the clean-up easier). But then – I was making the choice.
    I always wondered what it would be like to have an a actual accident or wake up after the bed (or diaper) was used.

  2. Hypnosis says:

    What do you sessions normally run ?? I am looking to loose complete control of bowel and bladder

  3. Ricky says:

    I am a 14 year old male and would love to be totally incontinent, but i don’t have access to money and cant buy online sessions. The free online sessions aren’t very good and i have a lot of trouble slipping into trance. Any suggestions?

  4. Cleo says:

    At the age of 14, I can’t help you. But once you’ve over the age of 18, do get in touch. Your financial situation may have improved although you have to accept that the more effective custom adult diaper bladder incontinence sessions will always be at a premium cost.

    But my bladder incontinence clients, like you, first had their desire to be incontinent and wet their nappy or wet their diaper start in their teens. As you get older, you’ll be more in control of your circumstances and your situation to explore your desire to be an adult that wets your nappy at night.

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