Customized Post Hypnotic Triggers

Customized Post Hypnotic Triggers – Where The Fun Really Starts

Maybe you’ll be expecting it.  Or maybe you’d have forgotten completely that I had planted the any post hypnotic trigger in your mind.  Or maybe you’re one of those great amnesia subjects that comes out of a session so oblivious to what has been programmed into your subconscious mind that you are shocked and excited when you begin to feel the tell tale signs of post hypnotic control.

The problem is, interrupting my own busy schedule to send out free post hypnotic triggers simply isn’t feasible.  So I’ve come up with a post hypnotic trigger plan, one that is custom to each individual.

A post hypnotic trigger can be activated via email, sms message, instant message on a chat client, phone call, Twitter, Facebook, or a written note or letter.  It could be based on something the subject is going to see, or hear, or taste.

The customized post hypnotic triggers are a mixture of as many media as can feasibly be employed and will be determined by what I know about your circumstances.  For example, some people like to live dangerously and don’t mind a text message any time anywhere.  For others, there are only certain times of the day or week when a text message would be feasible.

Customized Post Hypnotic Trigger Methods

Post Hypnotic Triggers via Email

An email containing the post hypnotic trigger word/words either in the subject heading or the bodyVia Phone SMS No text chat dialogue will be entered into.  It is up to you to access and read text triggers in a safe and responsible way.  If the safety of triggers by text is an issue, then do not select this option.  You may provide an ideal or recommended time frame for receiving these.

Post Hypnotic Triggers Via Phone

A post hypnotic trigger activated upon receipt of a phone call.  It could be just the post hypnotic trigger phrase, as has been seen in certain movies about brain-washed Agents, or it may be a post hypnotic trigger phrase that is disguised within the context of an actual conversation.

– You may provide an ideal or recommended time frame for receiving these post hypnotic triggers.

Post Hypnotic Triggers via SMS – Sent via Skype so no replies can be received (neither are any expected or wanted).

Customized Post Hypnotic Triggers by Twitter

Post Hypnotic Triggers by Twitter






Post Hypnotic Triggers Via Twitter DM – Using the Twitter direct facility.  There will be no reply to any reply you send

Post Hypnotic Triggers Via Twitter Feed.  I will leave an embedded trigger in a tweet


Post Hypnotic Triggers Via Facebook

You can select how many post hypnotic triggers you would like to experience and the choice of up to three different media for experiencing them.

3 Triggers – £45 – spread any time over a one week duration

5 Triggers – £80 –  spread any time over a two week duration

10 Triggers – £130 – spread any time over four weeks

10 minute Skype or Yahoo IM chat – £20

Payment is via gift certificate, or Payoneer card load.

So, this means I am going to amend the application forms for my sessions, giving subjects the chance to select how many post hypnotic triggers they would like to experience and the choice of up to three different media for encountering them.  The final decision on the method of triggering will rest with me, adding an element of surprise as well as fitting within my schedule.
Terms – You will need to indicate your interest in a post hypnotic trigger before the session commences.  This gives me the opportunity to note what your specific triggers are during the session.  Post hypnotic triggers cannot be recalled after the session.

I will decide how many post hypnotic triggers are planted in your subconscious mind during the session.  As a rule of thumb, in any one session, I will play with up to three post hypnotic triggers, but more than that in one session may be too much at once.  I do like to introduce at least one new post hypnotic trigger at subsequent sessions, while also refreshing your subconscious response to already installed post hypnotic triggers.

Customized Post Hypnotic Triggers - Download Form Here

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