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A custom erotic hypnosis mp3 audio recording is the next best thing to having me hypnotise you directly.  A custom erotic hypnosis recording is your ideas, your fantasies, just for you, that you can return to again and again.   I weave your fantasies, and suggestions into a custom creation for you.

Perhaps you’d like your custom erotic hypnosis recording to pre-condition you before a live session with me.  Or just something you can listen to while you dream about that day you’ll eventually get to have a live erotic hypnosis session with me.

To plan your budget, it’s £10 per minute (minimum 10 minutes*) for your custom erotic hypnosis recording.

If this is your first time being hypnotised, then I would advise you to go for a minimum 20 minute recording.   Be realistic and order a custom recording that gives your mind enough time to adapt.  Plenty of deepening and re-immersion. There really isn’t going to be enough time to expect the earth to move in 20 minutes.

If you want a specific hypnotic phenomenon (e.g. to be frozen, to be tickled, amnesia; dry orgasm; hypnotic butt plug; spiked drink effect, etc) then allow 30 minutes for realistic programming for each one.  Allow enough time for your mind to be seduced into a maze of blissful compliance.

10 Minutes – £100

20 Minutes – £200

30 Minutes – £300

Then add:

Personalised Introduction – £75

Use of your name sporadically through the recording – £75

Additional Layered Voices – £100

For payments by Bitcoin, request your unique Bitcoin address on application
Personalised Introduction:  To make your custom erotic hypnosis recording unique and highly personalised with a personalised introduction and the use of your name.  This personalises the experience towards you even more so my suggestions resonate deeper in your mind.

Custom recordings remain my intellectual property and cannot be re-sold, distributed, nor shared without advance express written permission from me.

Payment can be made either by Bitcoins or anonymous bank transfer.

50% deposit to initiate the order and the balanced paid before delivery of the final mp3.  Orders are non-refundable.  Delivery is within 5 working days.

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