Cuckold Erotic Hypnosis Story – Cuckolded By Two Women

I’ve received this update from one of my subjects.

When he came for his first erotic hypnosis session, he was a nervous man, confused by the out of the blue cuckold demands that his girlfriend had.

She wanted to take on lovers … big black cock lovers. And as if this humiliation weren’t enough, she wanted him present, to be cuckolded by these bulls.

He wanted to please her.  But the reality of it horrified him.

I guess he figured that the only thing that could make him, a middle class white executive, submit sexually to a black man had to be hypnosis.

For a fortnight after his first session, he trawled Craigslist, craving black cock to suck.  He learnt the bitter truth that the supply and demand for white submissive cuckolds that want to suck Big black cock was not in his favour.  He did eventually find a black master online, by which time he was a gibbering, grateful cock sucking wreck. But very happy, even if the black master dismissed him rudely afterwards.

Well, he’s on a Cuckold holiday (he lives in the UK) and this is what he has to report:

I always hope that news of your success will please you. I am in Chicago visiting a girl friend. She’s a white girl and we’re just friends with benefits. She is slowly coming to grips with her preference for Black men and she’s fully aware of my life, the hypnosis and what I do because of it. She has been enjoy having somebody as submissive and obedient as me in the house. Much as she enjoyed me serving her and getting all her household chores done, once the chores list was complete, she devised of a new plan. She gave me to a friend of hers, a beautiful married Black lady, so in effect I was serving the couple.

Everybody found it amusing that within twenty minutes of arriving at their door I was begging to serve my new Master. Lo and behold two hours later, after their garden was tidied, I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth. The lady of the house seemed to be in heaven watching me worship her husband.

The treat was later on, when she decided that she wanted some of the same. I was so pleased to be able to serve a Black woman, I tried everything to make sure she was happy. I ran around after her, I massaged her and when allowed used my fingers and my mouth to serve her too. Eventually she was satisfied and I was put back to my chores.

But later on, after the Master had fucked her in the living room while I dusted, I was called to my knees and given the task of licking his cum from her. The following day I was back with my friend and feeling pleased with myself. She has just arranged to give me back to the same couple for this coming weekend, then I fly home.

All this was made possible because of you.

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Points to keep in your mind.  The effects of erotic hypnosis can last for years.  It’s an experience  that keeps on giving.

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