Crystal Time With Cleopatra, Queen of Erotic Hypnosis

Here’s a new erotic hypnosis video I’ve made for lovers of PVC.  It was a bright afternoon when I pulled out my box of hypnotising tricks and wondered what to play with.  My large crystal caught my eye, and the sunlight and was the obvious, mesmerising choice.

Allow me to weave my gentle spell upon you with the help of the crystal and natural sun rays that could have changed the face of physics and maths if Isaac Newton had been around to see it,

Feel yourself succumbing to your desire to obey me, as you find your abilities of speech and thought slipping further and further away as my control over you increases.  What will capture your attention, the spinning of the crystal, or the rays of sunlight; or the generous view upon which the rays are dancing.

Feel a hunger and yearning for more and more, each time you watch this.

If you love the voluptuous form of a hypnotic goddess, accentuated by figure hugging pvc and a cleavage one can sink deeply into, then this video is for you.  Whether you choose to watch my dreamy movements, or you choose to allow your eyes to close, the choice is mine … not yours …

This video offers playful, consensual mind control.  Do rest assured that this recording does not contain any post hypnotic triggers that will cause any embarrassment.

Price: $32.99

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This file is also available on Niteflirt, a great source for erotic hypnosis mp3s.


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Cleopatra, Your Queen of Erotic Hypnosis

One Response to Crystal Time With Cleopatra, Queen of Erotic Hypnosis

  1. Z says:

    The new video from Queen Cleopatra is Crystal Time With Cleo. It was recorded in good a quality, with a good cam. There is no special effects, delay, reverb etc. on the sound. But I prefer more this kind of session, ‘cos it’s very close to a real in person hypnosis.

    I like fixation methods, so the extended, around 10-11 minute long, crystal pendant induction what we can see here, is absolutely for my taste. And I can guarantee that you will keep your eyes on the screen, unless she makes your eyes close. You will see another exiting thing behind Cleopatra’s pendant, it’s her cleavage. After the induction part, I enjoyed every moment. She deepened my trance as she moved her hands slowly around her beautiful breasts. She continued her magic hand movement so I couldn’t resist, I went deeper and deeper.

    Her style is not commanding in this session, she slowly sends magic spell onto the listener. I have more recorded materials from her, and I always feel myself comfortable and safe.

    But this video is not only a relaxing, sleepy session after a hard day. A bit later Cleopatra showed her power. She used trigger, and I had no choice.

    I like to experience physical convincers during the trance. I like to recognise how the triggers affect on me. So if you are ready for this kind of experience and a special journey, you will enjoy this session. But this one is not a joke. Triggers work too well!


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