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His name is Peter. And while he’d benefited from hypnotherapy sessions with me for a few personal house-keeping issues, and although he was aware that I also apply my skills in hypnosis for sensual pleasure and surrender, he’d never experienced this.

When he decided that he was ready to take things to the next step, he arranged a mini-break in Europe, so he’d be totally relaxed and ready for what was to come.  This session took place while we were in Prague.  After a day of site seeing, shopping and dining, he was sufficiently rested from the hustle and bustle of London’s busy routine.   I couldn’t help noticing that he was still quite doubtful.  He found the stories in my blog and other stories of hypnotic domination that I’d shared with him over our meals together riveting.  But I could tell he really didn’t think that he, the downright pragmatist that he is, could be susceptible to something so obvious, especially if he knew it was going to happen.  I’d remind him how good he’d felt after our first hypnotherapy session.  And he admitted it had felt good and the high he felt had lasted for a couple of days afterwards.  But he doubted he was ever in a hypnotic state so deep that he could be made to do or feel things that he could easily resist or refuse.

So, here was the challenge.  Not for me.  People that thing they’ll goad a hypnotist into a session by throwing down the gauntlet of a challenge are so last century.   He wasn’t challenging me.  He just really didn’t think that he, a stoic English man of the old fashioned breed, could be influenced.  The challenge was for him.

There’s a lot of laughter in the session.  I like to break sessions with a bit of casual conversation, laced with post hypnotic triggers.

Things to note:

At about the 12th minute of the recording, you can hear his mumbled protests as he struggles with all his might to close his eyes (which he would later insist had closed by accident).

When I bring him around from trance the first time, he is astonished to know that he has gone under. Yet it had taken two attempts to get him to emerge from that first trance. He actually went under the first time within four minutes of the induction starting.

The poor bugger proved no match for my skills and was soon being woven in and out of full awareness and deep trance.  You can hear how relaxed and giddy his voice is after the second emerging.

I introduced a clicker as a post hypnotic trigger for him to have dry orgasms.  He actually currently does not experience normal ejaculation for medical reasons (retrograde ejaculation where the man’s semen is redirected inwards and leaves the body during urination, rather than a full on ejaculation).    So this is why you hear me refer to extra-dry orgasms.

I discovered that while he was writing with pleasure at this point, he was still holding back and was clearly resistant to the effects of the clicker.

“Take it,” you hear him say, “I mustn’t have that,” before exclaiming, “Oh my goodness!”

This was a man used to holding back on his pleasure and making sure the woman was satisfied.  To be laying there unable to do anything went against the grain for him.   I’m working on correcting that as well.  I suspect that feeling unworthy of pleasure is one of the reasons that he has had retrograde ejaculation all these years – the fact that there is a credible medical reason has just made him accept it.  I’ve been planting suggestions for this to be over-ridden and he’s reported sightings of pre-cum since our session, something he hadn’t had in many years and contrary to what he had been led to expect by his doctor.  I do expect that he will soon start to gush his load like a hose pipe once again.

I eventually put the clicker away to prove the point that I don’t need one – it is just a nice going away present that subjects can take home to re-live the pleasure of our sessions.  All I really need is my voice anyway.  And that he can’t make me put away!

Although he did all in his feeble power to fight the dry orgasms when they began to come in waves.  I suspect he’s never had that much pleasure in so short a time ever in his life.  You hear him, moan, whimper, and at one point, pant and gasp.  At one point, I’m sure I heard him purr like a cat and give little growls of pleasure!

We shall both remember that evening for many years to come.  A minor mishap interrupted the trance towards the end and we both ended up laughing so hard we expected complaints from the occupants of the adjoining room.  (the mishap and the laughter were edited out of the final version although I may use the laughter as a ring tone) that it called time naturally on the session. But we were both satisfied with the progress made.

Although when asked at the end, he commented that he wasn’t really sure what had happened and couldn’t believe he’d been put under several times.

And that’s why I’d suggested we record the session in the first place.  He now has a copy of the video to fill in the gaps of the parts he can’t remember.

And now you have a copy of the audio.  Edited yes.  But this is all you need to experience another lucky bastard’s experience of erotic hypnosis.

Listen to this sample.  I know many of you will experience hypnotic reactions as you listen.

Please note:  I do not attempt to undermine medical advice on retrograde ejaculation.  But in his case, I suspected, and have been proved right, that he does not have to exhibit this.

Hypnotic kisses are something I use in a session at MY DISCRETION.  Please don’t be delusional by assuming that booking a session with me means you’ll get kissed!

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