Antonio And Cleopatra Discover Hypnosis Together

A while ago, I had a volunteer for hypnosis filming.  His name was Antonio.  Ironically, only recently did I realise the irony of an earlier mesmerising pairing – Anthony and Cleopatra.

It was a challenging session.  Good trance phenomena from my Antonio.  But post hypnotic triggers, both erotic and non-erotic, just weren’t working.

With Antonio, I used a crystal, a pocket watch, massaged his scalp, and had him count backwards.  Each time he drifted off into deep trance.  But that was all. He was profoundly relaxed.  But we both wanted more out of the session.  Otherwise, I could have put him into a relaxed state and gone off and done a spot of gardening, or a couple of laps around the block.

Then during one of our post trance briefings, he commented on something that had happened earlier on in our session that had got him excited.  I remembered it well but hadn’t known how he internalized it.  I’d had my hand on his chest when I first hypnotized him, while my other hand stroked his hair.   As my hand was over his beating heart, I linked his awareness of the touch of my hand with his calming down.  And I’d felt his heart slow down.  To me, this was a sign of how well he was responding. To him, my hand seemed to melt into his chest just as I said it would.  But for me it was no more than the kind of physiological changes I observe in people that I hypnotize.

But as we discussed it, it was a turning point in understanding how to give Antonio a trance experience he could relate to.  He wasn’t looking for anything kinky or erotic. He just wanted to feel things happening that he had no power over.

At this point, we were both a little tranced out and called it a day. But maybe one day, Antonio will come back and we can pick things up from where we left off.  I’ve left it all for you to view.  I could have edited out the parts where the hypnosis seemed not to be working.  But I think it’s important for those that agonise over whether they’d be wasting their time and money in a hypnosis session in case they are untranceable.  (I think I just made a word up).  I’d like to think that this clips shows that communicating with your hypnotist, whether for therapy or recreation is key. Sometimes, something that seems insignificant can be a crucial clue.

I’ve also left everthing in, because I know for a fact that many of you that watch it and listen to my voice are going to experience post hypnotic responses to some of the suggestions originally intended for Antonio.

I’ve begun to upload the clips to my store at Clips4sale. Each one is currently going to be available in .avi and .wmv formats.  But if there are any requests for Iphone or other 3G phone versions, I’ll be happy to convert and upload those formats also.  There will be  a sample on Youtube with trailers from all four sections.  It was almost two hours of hypnosis.  I hope you’ll enjoy watching it and imagine you are in his place.

Did I forget to mention that I laid him across my lap and ran my fingers through his hair?  What a good sport Antonio was!

Here is the link to my videos at the new erotic hypnosis friendly tube site, , you can go there now, when you are ready to watch the sample clip.

There are five clips for sale from this session.  The full video of the session which is approximately 1 hour and an half long; then each of four parts starting with the first induction (Antonio had never been hypnotized before this, in any way shape or form, not even by me).  The other parts cover inductions with my pocket watch, and hypnosis with a crystal, sleep re-inductions and arm levitation.

The session is available in five segments.

Antonio & Cleopatra – The Initial Induction – 23 minutes long – $23.99
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Antonio & Cleopatra Part 2 – Re-induction with a hypnotic crystal – 22 minutes – $22.99
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Antonio & Cleopatra Part 3 – Re-induction with a pocket watch  – 28 minutes – $28.99
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Antonio & Cleopatra Part 4 – Hypnotic Arm levitation –  26 minutes – $26.99
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Antonion & Cleopatra Full Session – 97 minutes – $68.99
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Read a viewer’s full review of the session here:

To purchase any of the five clips for your uninterrupted viewing pleasure, they are available at (just check the Antonio and Cleopatra series ((yeah, yeah, I know!)) where they are available in .avi and .wmv version.

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