A Naked Sceptic Submits To Erotic Hypnosis

I had a new client recently who was happy to have the camera rolling to capture his session.  New to hypnosis as well, although with a submissive side that he’d was willing to explore more.  One of his identified kinks was CFNM. Clothed Female and Naked Male.  I asked him about his previous experiences of being naked in front of a fully clothed female.

What surprised me about his answer was how ordinary experiences of being naked in front of a clothed female were always in professional settings. But he recounted each one faithfully because each occasion was so tantalisingly close.  Being naked for a medical check up; a photo shoot with a female photographer – albeit marred slightly when she asked him to hold a pair of gloves up in front of his genitals, to make the photos tasteful.

“Now you get to be naked in front of a woman that knows exactly how turned on you feel to be naked in front of a fully clothed woman,” I assured him.  He smiled and nodded.  But I didn’t ask him to strip naked. Oh goodness no.  Because that would be way too easy and not hypnotic.  I needed him to feel the role erotic hypnosis was going to play in this fantasy.

The session opened with a swinging pocket watch induction.   He relaxed, allowed himself to let go and was soon embarking on the first of the many trances he would experience.  Not that he seemed that impressed when he first came out of trance.  To be in trance feels so normal for some, not quite what one was expecting.  Almost dismissible.

I used a sleep trigger on him.  Any response was barely noticeable to the naked eye.  I must have blinked and missed it, which was more than could be said for my subject.  Not even a blink.  Indeed, his response had been a smile and:

“It didn’t work.”

“Do you really think so?” I had asked.  I’d been prepared for this.  And now I was glad the camera was filming.  Just because his eyes were still open and he wasn’t back in trance didn’t mean as much as he thought it meant.  Too many potentially good hypnotic subjects give up too soon on the power of hypnosis, not realising they were on the threshold of deep and convincing trance.   He admitted to feeling a little dizzy.  That was good enough for me.

I snapped my fingers again, as you’ll see in the video.  This time I observed almost imperceptible muscles in his eye-lids tremble for a split second.  No one can do that consciously.

“What just happened there?” I asked my sceptical subject.

“Well, my eyes feel strange,”

“Your eyes do feel strange, don’t they?” I repeated the trigger.  “Something is definitely happening there.”

With a bit of prompting, I showed him how the rest was in his hands.  I couldn’t force him into being hypnotised or responding to triggers.  Well, not in a manner of speaking, although watching the video, you’ll probably think I gave his subconscious mind little or no choice but to obey. Which is what most men want anyway.

He had a roll to play in making it happen, allowing it to happen.  I allowed and encouraged him to make himself comfortable.  Getting comfortable would allow his mind to be susceptible to hypnotic conditioning. Once I had his mind conditioned, I would demonstrate to him that you can be hypnotized anytime, anywhere.  Soon, his mind was conditioned enough for him to immediately submit to the trigger.  Sometimes he’d slip away with a faint smile on his face, as if he felt he was just playing along.  But before long, the smile would melt into a placid expression as his facial muscles relaxed and he’d take on an intense expression of focus as his mind processed my suggestions.  This took just over an hour.  And included making his arm and hand numb.  With varying success.  He could still feel his arm, he said.  But he agreed that he couldn’t feel me pinching him with my nails. But I was satisfied that we could move on to the fun part of the hypnosis.  Bringing your fantasies into the mix.

So now that we’d broached the subject of nudity, it was time for us to have fun.  With him in trance once more, I fed him the suggestions he needed.  How much he wanted to be naked.  How weird he felt in his clothes.  How his urge to be naked would border on agitation, yet he would have to wait for my permission to strip naked.  His face, his whole body, began to take on the signs of the agitation, the excitement as he lay there.  He was trembling while in trance.

And when I counted him back to awareness, he was so fidgety.  I dragged the moment, playfully.  Discussing things.  Leaving him alone in the room while I went out to get a throw for the sofa.  I went out to switch the heating on.  Returned mid-way to ask him how high he’d like the heating.  Only his politeness prevented him from screaming “I don’t fucking care, just let me get naked for you now!”

And when the permission to strip naked came, he was almost ripping his clothes off, flinging them to one side and savouring the liberty.

“Would you like me to close the curtains?” I asked.

Most of my subjects are so paranoid, even when fully clothed, that the curtains always have to be closed.   He shook his head.  He was facing the window.  He was naked.  In front of me.  In front of the world.  He clearly secretly hoped that someone else might be watching, him.  And his erection was rock hard.  He was the consummate exhibitionist, to boot.

I chided him and verbally humiliated him, which made him get harder.

I then used the sleep trigger and he stood there naked, doubled over, in trance.  This I liked.  Earlier, he had equated his being able to enter trance with his need to be comfortable.  It helps to be comfortable.  But a well planted sleep trigger will work any time, any where.  Ask my subjects who’ve woken up slumped in front of their computer monitors with the indentations from their key board on their cheeks.

When he came to, he obeyed his installed impulse to pleasure himself crying out for my permission for him to cum.

He later reckoned that even if I’d withheld the permission at that point, he couldn’t have held back.

I think his next session will be a lesson in repeated orgasm denial.  And he can experience that naked too. That will remind him who’s in control when he’s in my presence!

The full video is available over the next couple of days, now that I’m done with the editing, more or less.  And you can watch his transformation from hypnotic skeptic to naked man in trance and one of the lucky hypnotized ones.


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